Debate: Should Dez Bryant Play the Remainder of the Season?

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Debate: Should Dez Bryant Play the Remainder of the Season?
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Jerry Jones has said the Dez Bryant will be the ultimate decision maker on whether he plays the rest of the season.


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Dez should play this week. If Dallas wins and NYG lose, finish the season. If dallas loses and NYG win, get the surgery.
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If the permanent damage isn't severe or career changing and he's up for dealing with the pain, then go for it. But if there's a chance that he will ne...
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While there are many things that this team needs to do to get things moving the right direction (i.e. offensive line needs to learn to block, offensiv...
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Hell yes he does!!! This team needs inspiration. When Tony Romo player through rib problems during the 49ers game last year , they won in OT. When Wit...
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If NY loses 1 game, then like last year, it will come down to the last game of the season. The Giants have to win the rest of the games to guarantee t...
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Yes. I know many people who work everyday with breaks burns and fractures. Let's be real...he isn't gonna lose his finger over this.
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