Jim Harbaugh: How Has His Hairdo Changed over the Years?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2012

Jim Harbaugh: How Has His Hairdo Changed over the Years?

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    How has Jim Harbaugh's hair changed over the years? He usually dons a cap on the sidelines of football games, but video footage recently emerged of a hatless Jim Harbaugh on that 90's teen show Saved by the Bell. Suffice to say, his hairdo wasn't all that bad....for the 1990s.  

    So let's explore how the 49ers head coach's hairstyle has changes throughout the years. You may or may not be surprised.

Fast Times at Paly High....

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    Jim Harbaugh played basketball for Palo Alto High School way back in the day. As you can see, Harbaugh's hairdo took on a shaggy, carefree, look one might expect of a teenager. 

College Days

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    In four years as quarterback for the University of Michigan Wolverines, Harbaugh threw for 31 touchdowns and 22 interceptions. His hair made it out alright too, embodying that All-American 1980's look of a guy that just finished third in voting for the Heisman Trophy. Either that or Emilio Estevez from that movie The Breakfast Club.

Chicago, Not His Kind of Town....

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    Just because Harbaugh's hair looked like Steve Young's doesn't mean he played like him. On the contrary, Harbaugh threw for more interceptions than touchdowns during his time with the Chicago Bears. Fortunately, he had better years ahead with another team and managed to keep his "Hairbaugh" intact.  

The Indy Years

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    Check out "Captain Comeback" basking in the sunshine. Harbaugh had his best year with the Indianapolis Colts in 1995 and took them to the AFC Championship Game. Unfortunately, that was the apex of his football career as a player and the peak of his hairdo too. After that, the receding hairline kicked in along with diminishing quarterback play.  

The Baltimore Years

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    I know that picture above looks like the intro to a music video by the artist formerly known as Prince, but it's not. Harbaugh spent a year "game managing" a hapless Ravens team while managing to keep the hairs on his head from being knocked out by sack-happy pass-rushers.  

The Final Years...as a Charger

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    Fourteen years and 361 sacks later, Harbaugh's NFL career (and hairdo) looked disheveled. He finally called it quits as a player, but would re-emerge years later with a different hairstyle and in a slightly different job.

Re-Birth: The 49er Years

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    Not only did Harbaugh re-invent himself as a head coach at the college and pro level, he completely changed his hairdo by sporting a trim, modern, look. Kudos to "Hairbaugh" and all the success he's had coaching the Stanford Cardinal and the San Francisco 49ers.