Power Ranking the NHL's Last 20 Vezina Trophy-Winning Seasons

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor IDecember 14, 2012

Power Ranking the NHL's Last 20 Vezina Trophy-Winning Seasons

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    Each year, the Vezina Trophy is handed out to the goaltender who is "adjudged to be the best at his position", and there is not always a clear cut winner.

    The NHL's 30 general managers all vote on the goaltender who receives the award, and sometimes there is controversy surrounding players who are snubbed.

    This slideshow will power rank the last 20 winners starting with the 1991-92 season up until Henrik Lundqvist's 2011-12 Vezina win.

20. Dominik Hasek

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    Stats: 19-14-7; G.A.A. of 2.11 

    By default, Dominik Hasek's 1994-95 Vezina season is the "worst" when compared to the other 19 seasons, because it happened during a shortened season.

    Hasek did put up impressive numbers, but this was the least impressive of his six Vezina Trophy campaigns.

19. Jose Theodore

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    Year: 2001-02

    Stats: 30-24-10; G.A.A. of 2.11

    Jose Theodore may have won the Hart Trophy in addition to the Vezina for his performance during this season, but his wins were very suspect.

    Dominik Hasek was arguably snubbed for both awards during this season as he posted a record of 41-15-8 with five shutouts and a G.A.A of 2.17.

    With numbers like these, Hasek should have won both awards, so Theodore's eventual win was not very impressive.

18. Jim Carey

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    Season: 1995-96

    Stats: 35-24-9; G.A.A. of 2.26

    During the 1995-96 season, Jim Carey of the Washington Capitals won the Vezina Trophy in a year that was full of amazing moments.

    Carey's nine shutouts during the season and 35 wins gave him the edge that enable him to earn Vezina honors, but his stats are not as impressive as some of performances put on display by goaltenders during the 2000s.

17.Dominik Hasek

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    Season: 1993-94

    Stats: 30-20-6; G.A.A. of 1.95

    When you look at Hasek's numbers from this season, they don't compare to the years in which he won back to back Hart Trophies.

    He did have a great G.A.A, but Hasek's appearance in only 56 games of record really don't make this Vezina winning effort stand out.

16. Patrick Roy

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    Year: 1991-92

    Stats: 36-22-8; G.A.A. of 2.36 

    Patrick Roy would not have won the Vezina Trophy this year if Kirk McLean had been able to bridge the gap in number of goals allowed.

    McLean led the league in wins during the 91-92 season, had less losses than Roy, and the same amount of shutouts.

    This was not Roy's most impressive Vezina season, and it was during a year where the award winner was truly a toss up.

15. Dominik Hasek

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    Year: 1997-98

    Statistics: 33-23-13; G.A.A. of 2.09

    Dominik Hasek was awarded the Hart and Vezina Trophy for his 1997-98 performance, and it was a year in which the winner of the Vezina was arguably a toss up.

    In two less games, Martin Brodeur surrendered 17 less goals, so it is perfectly feasible he could have won the trophy in 97-98 based on how he was the backbone of the New Jersey Devils.

    While Hasek's 2.09 G.A.A and 13 shutouts stood out, Brodeur's 10 shutouts and 1.89 G.A.A. should have been enough to defeat Hasek.

14. Tim Thomas

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    Year: 2008-09

    Stats: 36-11-7; G.A.A of 2.10

    Tim Thomas only played in 54 games when he won the Vezina Trophy in 2008-09, but his numbers stood out enough for him to edge goaltenders like Niklas Backstrom and Steve Mason. Thomas is a two-time trophy winner, but this was the "worse" of his two wins.

    Thomas really surprised the league with his dynamic and agile play at the age of 34.

13. Dominik Hasek

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    Year: 1996-97 

    Stats: 37-20-10; G.A.A. of 2.27

    During the 1996-97 season, Dominik Hasek stood on his head as the backbone of the Buffalo Sabres, but it was another season in which he arguably stole the Vezina Trophy from Martin Brodeur.

    Both goaltenders played in the same amount of games, but Brodeur had a much lower G.A.A. of 1.88, and five more shutouts.

    Nonetheless, Hasek took home the Vezina Trophy, and it was still one of his better seasons as a goaltender.

12. Martin Brodeur

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    Year: 2003-04

    Stats: 38-26-11; G.A.A of 2.03 

    Martin Brodeur has won four Vezina Trophies to date, and his 2003-04 campaign was his "low point" for wins during a Vezina campaign.

    Brodeur put up some stellar numbers, but him and the Devils were eliminated during the first round of the playoffs.

    Brodeur's performance was one of the best in recent memory, and it would have been more memorable if the Devils could have made a bigger playoff run.

11. Tim Thomas

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    Year: 2010-11

    Stats: 35-11-9; G.A.A of 2.00

    Tim Thomas' 2010-11 season was one for the ages even though he appeared in only 55 games.

    Thomas' goaltending abilities led the Boston Bruins to the Stanley Cup Final, and they ultimately defeated the Vancouver Canucks in seven games.

    Thomas not only captured the Vezina Trophy but he also won the Conn Smythe as the NHL's playoff M.V.P. The 2010-11 season was certainly one for the ages, and Thomas certainly made it very exciting.

10. Dominik Hasek

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    Year: 2000-01

    Stats 37-24-4; G.A.A. of 2.11

    Dominik Hasek's 2000-01 Vezina campaign was arguably his second-best season in the NHL, and it was a year to remember.

    Hasek helped lead the Buffalo Sabres to the conference semifinals, where they ultimately fell short to the Pittsburgh Penguins in seven games.

    Although it was another season in which Hasek did not maintain a majority of the major goaltending categories, he was the backbone of a fifth seeded Buffalo Sabres team.

9. Olaf Kolzig

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    Year: 1999-00

    Stats: 41-20-11; G.A.A. of 2.24

    Olaf Kolzig was a goaltender who was truly underrated during his NHL career. He helped backstop the Washington Capitals to their only Stanley Cup Final appearance back in 1997-98, and his 1999-00 season was the best of his career.

    During the season, "Ollie the goalie" won 41 games, had a G.A.A. of 2.24 and he recorded five shutouts.

8. Ryan Miller

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    Year: 2009-10

    Stats: 41-18-8; G.A.A. of 2.22

    The 2009-10 season was an amazing year for Ryan Miller. Not only was his goaltending outstanding for the Buffalo Sabres, but he almost led the United States to an Olympic gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

    Miller really stood on his head for Buffalo as he won 41 games, recorded five shutouts and a 2.22 G.A.A.

7. Ed Belfour

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    Year: 1992-93

    Stats: 41-18-11; G.A.A. of 2.59

    Ed Belfour had many amazing seasons during his NHL career, and this was his second Vezina-winning campaign.

    Only Felix Potvin had a better G.A.A (2.50) during this season. Belfour's 41 wins and seven shutouts certainly gave him an edge over Potvin, however.

6. Martin Brodeur

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    Year: 2002-03

    Stats: 41-23-9; G.A.A of 2.02 

    Martin Brodeur won his first Vezina Trophy during the 2002-03 season, and it was one of his better seasons in the NHL to date. Brodeur was able to win 41 games, have eight shutouts and record an outstanding G.A.A of 2.02.

    During the season Brodeur was lights out, and in the postseason he led the Devils to their third Stanley Cup Championship.

5. Dominik Hasek

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    Year: 1998-99

    Stats: 30-18-14; G.A.A. of 1.87

    Dominik Hasek's 1998-99 was one of the best of his career, and it was the season in which he led the Buffalo Sabres to the Stanley Cup Final. The Sabres ultimately came up short, but Hasek put up some impressive numbers including a 1.87 G.A.A.

    The seventh seeded Sabres almost shocked the world, but Brett Hull's skate ultimately made the difference in the Stanley Cup Final.

4. Henrik Lundqvist

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    Year: 2011-12

    Stats: 39-18-5; G.A.A of 1.97

    Henrik Lundqvist had an amazing 2011-12 season in a very tough Eastern Conference and Atlantic Division. The New York Rangers' net-minder fell one win short of 40, had an amazing G.A.A of 1.97, and recorded eight shutouts.

    It was a long season for Lundqvist, as the Rangers opened up in Europe, and did not play a game at MSG until the end of October.

    Lundqvist would go on to lead the Rangers to an Atlantic Division title and to their first Eastern Conference Final appearance since 1997. The Rangers' net-minder was also nominated for the Hart Trophy for his efforts in 2011-12.

    It was an amazing year for Lundqvist and one of the better goaltending performances in recent memory.

3. Martin Brodeur

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    Year: 2007-08

    Stats: 44-27-6; G.A.A of 2.17

    The 2007-08 season was Brodeur's second best statistical season in the NHL, and his 44 wins are the second highest amount of wins recorded during a Vezina Trophy season. Brodeur also had four shutouts and a great G.A.A of 2.17.

    The New Jersey Devils' net-minder won a total of four Vezina Trophies during his NHL career, and this season was his second best Vezina campaign to date.

2. Miikka Kiprusoff

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    Year: 2005-06

    Stats: 42-20-11; G.A.A. of 2.07

    Miikka Kiprusoff had the tough task of being a goaltender in the NHL after the lockout when the rules were changed.

    It was a year in which scoring was up and many players had career years. Kiprusoff was able to adapt and excel and that was reflected by his 42 wins and his 2.07 G.A.A.

    The year Kiprusoff had coming off a lost season was truly outstanding.

1. Martin Brodeur

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    Year: 2006-07

    Stats: 48-23-7; G.A.A of 2.18 

    Martin Brodeur owns the record for most wins earned during the regular season, and his 48 wins, 12 shutouts and 2.16 G.A.A really helped put him over the top. He was on a completely different level, and that is reflected in his amazing stats.

    Although Roberto Luongo had an amazing season, Brodeur's dominance was completely unheard of considering his age at the time.