WWE TLC MC Report: AJ Lee's Heel Turn Doesn't Make Sense

Maria CaneCorrespondent IIIDecember 17, 2012

credit goes to WWE.com
credit goes to WWE.com

"Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn."
— Alfred Pennyworth 

Maybe Bruce Wayne's butler understands what the WWE is trying to do with AJ, because I sure as hell don't now.

Tonight's PPV, which caps off the year, was highlighted by John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler in the main event. Cena was battling his way to another Money in the Bank briefcase, after Vickie Guerrero was tricked into putting Ziggler's cash in anytime contract on the line. 

Now before I get into the gist of my article, I will be fair in not ruffling any feathers of those fearing that this will be just a bash article.

First and foremost, I will give Dolph Ziggler his deserving due tonight. In the past, I have been one critical in The Showoff and even defending why WWE backstage heads are hesitant to give him the final big push that numerous pray for. 

But tonight, Ziggler put on one hell of a show. Countering moves that usually signaled doom in a regular John Cena match. In addition, I also liked the fact that he played up to the anti-Cena crowd in his wrestling maneuvers instead of just using the match to try to change fan's opinions on Cena.

Speaking of Cena, he wasn't too shabby himself tonight. I noticed WWE actually had him dominate and play the role of over-dog instead of underdog.

For the match itself, the only issue I had was the commentary. I'm not an anti-Cena person, but please stop reminding us a million time that Cena's mixed reactions means that he's the greatest of all time. 

Anyway, let's get down to my issue with this match.

Towards the end of the match with both men down, Vickie Guerrero interjects herself in the battle with a steel chair in tow. Suddenly, the vigilant AJ Lee with her Cena gear on stops AJ in her tracks.

(Props to WWE by the way for having Vickie attempt to hit AJ with the chair. Gives some dimension to the Divas that we have been missing for a long time.)

AJ Lee takes down Vickie Guerrero and then even pulls out her own version of Five Moves of Doom.

OK, I get that.

She then proceeds to make sure that Cena gets up and helps set up the ladder for him to win the match.

I even get that.

Then she proceeds to skip around the ring awkwardly while Cena climbs up for the briefcase.

Uh-oh. I already saw where this was going.

Long story short, AJ pushes the ladder and Cena falls. Dolph looks shocked, but Dolph climbs the ladder anyways and gets the briefcase.

I'll admit, it was a nice twist. But here is my issue:

Why oh why would you turn the most over Diva in the WWE heel when:

1) The Divas Division already has a top heel in Eve, who gets good enough heat on her own

2) The Divas Division has seen enough heels and credible heels dominate and not enough credible faces.

3) The Divas Division needs a big face to get behind if the WWE is serious in stirring up a comeback for the women of the ring.

4)There has been no other Diva besides AJ who has been pushed as a huge face in the Division. Maybe Kaitlyn, but they need to give her a lot more screen time and character buildup.

I understand that WWE wanted to end tonight's PPV with a bang.

In addition, I also understand that Ziggler couldn't beat John Cena cleanly. That was a given.

What I don't get is, if what the dirtsheets are saying about WWE wanting to re-ignite the Divas division now is true, the last thing it needs is the only over face in the division going heel.

And in the grand scheme of things, if AJ is going to face Eve very soon in the title picture, what is the point of turning her heel? Why not give her a huge run as face, with the fans behind her in the classic underdog story and building up her momentum?

Maybe WWE could've just had AJ do this tonight because the crowd was so anti-Cena, they figured it would do her more harm than good. But not every crowd is Brooklyn.

Hopefully, WWE isn't again putting another nail in the coffin in who should be the women set to inject some life into a seemingly lifeless WWE women's division.

Until tomorrow night, though, I will take Alfred's words in that AJ's character just wants to watch every dude she swaps spit with burn. 

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