The Worst Moments of the 2012 College Football Season

Danny Flynn@FlynnceptionSenior Analyst IDecember 12, 2012

The Worst Moments of the 2012 College Football Season

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    The 2012 college football season was filled with plenty of great, entertaining action, and there were some spectacular moments that made this year so special. However, as with any season, there were also plenty of low points and bad moments to be found as well. 

    Whether it's a terrible team performance, a heart-breaking injury or an embarrassing blooper, there were definitely a few certain moments that stood out as being particularly bad. 

    Here's a look at the worst moments of the 2012 season. 

Andre Parker's Embarrassing Blooper

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    Kent State LB Andre Parker had the most memorable and most embarrassing blooper of the 2012 season. After scooping up a Towson fumble near the end of the first half, Parker committed one of the ultimate football sins—he ran the wrong way!

    After scooping up a botched punt at the 7-yard line, Parker got confused and sprinted towards his own end zone, making it all the way to the 30-yard line before the Towson players for some unknown reason decided to tackle him. 

    Obviously, it's impossible not to have some compassion and sympathy for the young man, since that embarrassing play will now become the most talked-about part of his football career. 

Florida State's Second-Half Collapse at NC State

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    Florida State went into its Oct. 6 meeting with NC State with a 5-0 record and a No. 3 national ranking. It looked as if the Seminoles wouldn't have much trouble surviving the tough road test when they went into the locker room at halftime up 16-0. However, the team imploded in the second half, letting the Wolfpack back into the game and opening the door for an upset. 

    Still, up by six with 2:30 left, it looked like Jimbo Fisher's squad was in good shape. But an inexplicable blocked punt set up NC State in great field position. QB Mike Glennon capitalized, throwing the game-winning touchdown with 16 seconds left

    The loss may not have cost Florida State an ACC championship, but it did show us that the Seminoles were indeed a fraud national title contender. 

Dave Christensen’s Tirade

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    Wyoming coach Dave Christensen did not seem to appreciate what he perceived to be an Air Force player faking an injury during the Cowboys' 28-27 loss to the Falcons on Oct. 13. Christensen decided to let Air Force coach Todd Calhoun know all about how upset he was by bombarding Calhoun after the game with a loud, expletive-filled rant in front of fans and his players. 

    The verbal attack was uncalled for and in poor taste, especially since it came on Military Appreciation Night. 

    Once video surfaced of the incident and went viral, Wyoming chose to suspend Christensen for one game and fine him $50,000.

Georgia Doesn’t Spike the Ball

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    The SEC Championship Game between Alabama and Georgia was arguably the best game of the 2012 season. Nevertheless, it would have been nice if the game could have ended in a better way. 

    After driving his team down into position to get the winning touchdown, QB Aaron Murray should have spiked the ball, which would have given him at least two shots at the end zone to win the game. 

    Instead, however, Murray ran a play as time was winding down, his pass was tipped and then caught by a receiver who fell in bounds, ending the game. 

    Instead of such a fizzle-out of an ending, it certainly would have been more fun to see if Murray could have come up with a pass to beat Alabama. Instead, the Bulldogs lost 32-28, blowing their chance at both an SEC championship crown and a BCS championship game berth. 

West Virginia Gets Blown Away by Texas Tech

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    West Virginia came into a windy mid-October Saturday in Lubbock with a 5-0 record and a Top-Five national ranking. But the conditions and the relentless Red Raiders ended up overwhelming the Mountaineers, as they got pummeled 49-14. 

    QB Geno Smith looked like a shell of the player that we had seen rise to stardom in September, while the West Virginia defense showed no interest in tackling or covering at any point in the game. 

    It was a loss that ended up sending Dana Holgorsen's once highly-ranked team on a downward spiral. The Mountaineers quickly went from 5-0 to 5-5 in what seemed like a blink of an eye. 

Nebraska Gives Up 70 Points to Wisconsin

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    Nebraska entered the Big Ten title game as a three-point favorite over a Wisconsin team it had beaten 30-27 earlier in the season. However, the Badgers made that spread look like a joke, as they completely whooped the Cornhuskers, 70-31. 

    The blowout loss on a national stage is a big black eye for Bo Pelini and his program. It showed that the Cornhuskers weren't truly ready to compete for a conference championship this season. 

The Iron Bowl

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    Auburn suffered through a rough 3-9 season in 2012, one which ultimately ended up costing coach Gene Chizik his job. There were plenty of low points for the Tigers this year, but none was as bad as the 49-0 beatdown that they received from archrival Alabama. 

    The Tide absolutely destroyed Chizik's squad, limiting Auburn to just 163 total yards. 

    It turned out to be a fitting end to a disastrous season. 

The Red River Shootout

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    Another rivalry game that turned out to be a bust was the Red River Shootout between Oklahoma and Texas. 

    The Sooners quickly turned the festive atmosphere into a one-sided party, as they built up a 36-2 halftime lead before cruising to a 63-21 victory. 

    The loss raised a lot of questions about Longhorns coach Mack Brown and defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, especially since the Sooners did the same exact thing to Texas the year before when they beat Brown's team 55-17. 

Pittsburgh’s Missed Field Goal Against Notre Dame

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    Notre Dame may have gone 12-0 and made it to the BCS championship game this season. But the Irish better realize that they are very lucky to get to that point, seeing as how they were inches away from defeat back on Nov. 3. 

    After staging a furious late fourth-quarter rally just to get the game to overtime against a feisty Pittsburgh squad, the Irish were on the brink of defeat when Panthers kicker Kevin Harper lined up for a potential game-winning 33-yard field-goal attempt. However, Harper's kick missed just outside the upright, which gave the Irish the chance to win the game in a third overtime. 

    An upset victory over a No. 3-ranked team would have been a huge boost to Paul Chryst's Pittsburgh team, especially during an otherwise mediocre season. But the Panthers just couldn't get the job done when it counted the most. 

Louisiana Tech Sits out the Postseason

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    Louisiana Tech is 9-3 and clearly one of the best teams playing in a non-AQ conference. However, sadly, you won't get the opportunity to see the Bulldogs' high-powered offensive attack in the postseason this year, since the school's administrators botched the team's bowl situation. 

    The school reportedly turned down an invitation to play in the Independence Bowl, thinking that there would be other offers. But those other offers never came, and now AD Bruce Van De Velde is the one left with egg on his face. 

    It's a shame that we won't have the chance to see one of college football's most exciting offenses in a bowl game. Plus, it's a shame that Louisiana Tech's talented senior class won't have the chance to end their collegiate careers with a postseason trip. 

Southern Miss Finishes 0-12

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    Southern Miss was the only FBS team that finished the season without a single win this year. The Golden Eagles managed to go from 12 wins last year to 12 losses this season. 

    Not only did the they lose a lot this year, they were basically non-competitive, losing by an average score of 37-19. 

    The team's terrible performance in 2012 ended up costing coach Ellis Johnson his job after just one year at the helm. 

Bobby Petrino’s Motorcycle Crash

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    During the first few months of this past offseason, many analysts were talking about Arkansas as a potential national title contender in 2012. That is, of course, until head coach Bobby Petrino got on his motorcycle with a young volleyball player one night in early April. 

    One crash, a few lies and a few scandalous headlines later, Petrino found himself as a disgraced coach and man who was out of job. 

    Petrino's firing set in motion a chain of events that led to an ill-equipped John L. Smith get the coaching job. Smith led the Razorbacks to just a 4-8 record, and he looked like someone who was in way over his head. 

Tyrann Mathieu Gets Booted from LSU

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    Another event that happened during the offseason, yet played a major role on the 2012 season was the dismissal of star cornerback Tyrann Mathieu from the LSU football team just a few weeks before the season started. 

    Mathieu had certainly been no stranger to trouble during his breakout sophomore campaign in 2011. But it did come as a shock to see a former Heisman finalist and one of the most high-profile players in the sport get tossed from his team. 

    Without the Honey Badger, LSU's defense seemed to lack the same type of swagger and attitude that made the unit so dominant during its undefeated run through the regular season last year. 

Lane Kiffin's 28-Second Press Conference

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    Lane Kiffin has made it known that he does not like discussing a player's injury status with the media. But that's still no excuse for Kiffin doing what he did during a post-practice press conference back in September.

    After receiving a question about a player's status, Kiffin couldn't offer just a basic "no comment" response. Instead, he put on his best agitated face, and quickly and bizarrely bolted from the scene after talking with the media for less than a minute. 

    It's events like this which show you just what type of coach Kiffin really is. He showed absolutely zero professionalism and discipline in that situation.

West Virginia’s No-Show Performance Against Kansas State

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    West Virginia followed up an embarrassing performance at Texas Tech with an even more embarrassing performance the following week at home against Kansas State. 

    QB Collin Klein and the Wildcats offense came out and obliterated the Mountaineers defense, taking a 31-7 halftime lead and coasting to an easy 55-14 victory in Morgantown. 

    The blowout showed us that West Virginia's lopsided loss to Texas Tech was no fluke, and it proved that the Mountaineers were not a serious contender in the Big 12 this season. 

Butch Jones Calls Timeout a Second Before a Botched Field Goal

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    Icing the kicker for a late-game field-goal attempt has become a much-scrutinized strategy in today's day and age. Some coaches implement the strategy any time the situation comes up, while others have learned the hard way what can happen when you get burned by the decision. 

    Count former Cincinnati coach Butch Jones as one of the ones who's learned the hard way what can happen when you try to ice an opposing kicker.

    Jones was faced with the decision in a Friday night game at Louisville back on Oct. 26. Tied at 31 all, Louisville was lining up for a winning 30-yard field-goal attempt when Jones decided to call a timeout. 

    The problem?

    The Cardinals long-snapper snapped the ball over the holder's head just a split-second after Jones called the timeout. But Louisville ended up getting another shot at the attempt as officials came running in to stop the play. Kicker John Wallace knocked through the field goal and gave the Cardinals what turned out to be the decisive win in the Big East race. 

Kansas State Gets Exposed by Baylor

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    Kansas State entered its Nov. 17 matchup against Baylor with an undefeated 10-0 record and the No.1 overall ranking in the nation. However, the Wildcats showed that they were not truly deserving of the title of college football's top team, as they got spanked by the Bears 52-24 in Waco. 

    The devastating defeat knocked Bill Snyder's squad out of the national championship race and it put a damper on what was shaping up to be a dream season for Kansas State. 

Ohio State Gets a One-Year Bowl Ban

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    When the NCAA handed Ohio State a one-year bowl ban during the offseason, it effectively ended up robbing college football fans the chance to see one of the best teams in the nation play in a BCS bowl.

    The Buckeyes stormed through the Big Ten this year, piling up an undefeated 12-0 record in Urban Meyer's first season. 

    Had Meyer's team been eligible to play in the postseason, it would have been very interesting to see how a debate about who was more deserving of a national title shot, Ohio State or Alabama, would have played out. 

All 5 of Wisconsin’s Losses

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    You could make the argument that all five of Wisconsin's losses this season were equally as devastating. 

    Four of the Badgers' five losses were by just a field goal, and three of them came in overtime. 

    It was certainly a season filled with plenty of highs and lows for the boys in Madison. But ultimately, Wisconsin came out on top and got the chance to celebrate its third straight Big Ten title and another trip to Pasadena. 

Kelcy Quarles Punches PJ Lonergan

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    South Carolina DT Kelcy Quarles turned in a solid sophomore campaign this season, racking up 2.5 sacks and seven tackles for loss. However, Quarles' unsportsmanlike punch against LSU offensive lineman PJ Lonergan will likely end up being what the tackle is best remembered for this year. 

    Coach Steve Spurrier suspended Quarles for a game, making it clear that he doesn't condone such actions. 

Virginia Tech’s Performance Against Miami

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    This year's Virginia Tech team was certainly not the type of vintage Hokies team that we had become accustomed to seeing during the Frank Beamer era. 

    The patented "Beamer Ball" that the Hokies have become known for was rarely seen at all in 2012. It definitely wasn't on display when the team traveled down to Miami for a crucial Thursday night ACC Coastal division matchup with the Hurricanes. 

    Virginia Tech looked like a complete mess of a team in the 30-12 loss. The Hokies had three killer turnovers, and they were downright awful on special teams, which has been an area where Beamer-led teams usually excel. 

Michigan Gets Hammered by Alabama

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    The big matchup between defending national champion Alabama and Michigan at Cowboys Stadium was built up to be the best game of opening weekend and one of the best matchups of the 2012 season.

    The game didn't come close to living up to expectations, however, as the Tide manhandled the Wolverines on the national primetime stage. 

    At least the 41-14 blowout let us know immediately that Michigan was not a true Top-10 team. 

Iowa Loses to Central Michigan

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    This year, Iowa suffered through its worst season since 2000. The Hawkeyes went just 4-8 in 2012. Their worst loss of the year came back on Sept. 22 against Central Michigan. 

    The Chippewas scored nine points in the final 45 seconds, including a game-winning 47-yard field goal with just two seconds left that gave them a shocking 32-21 win. 

Savannah State Gets Embarrassed Two Weeks in a Row

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    If ever there was a good example of why the growing trend of FBS teams playing FCS schools needs to stop, it's what we saw happen with Savannah State back in September. 

    Seeing the opportunity to earn a few extra dollars for its athletic department, the school decided to schedule games against Oklahoma State and Florida State in consecutive weeks. 

    The problem was that the Tigers clearly didn't belong on the same field as their FBS counterparts. They ended up losing the games by a combined score of 139-0. 

    Hopefully, the money Savannah State earned from the two trips was worth having the team become the laughing stock of collegiate athletics for a few weeks. 

Rutgers Blows BCS Bowl Opportunity

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    Rutgers has never made it to a BCS bowl game. But the Scarlet Knights had a perfect opportunity to end that drought this season, when they hosted Louisville at home for what was basically a Big East championship game in the season finale. 

    After building a 14-3 halftime lead, it appeared as if the New Jersey program was finally headed to a BCS bowl. However, a second-half collapse resulted in a heartbreaking 20-17 loss. 

    After such a tough defeat, you have to wonder how motivated the Scarlet Knights will be when they play Virginia Tech in the Russell Athletic Bowl

Pittsburgh Loses to Youngstown State

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    The Paul Chryst era at Pittsburgh did not get off to such a great start. 

    The Panthers scheduled Youngstown State for their season-opener with the thought that they could pick up a nice easy early win over a lower-level opponent. However, they ended up getting much more than they bargained for. 

    The Penguins picked up their first win over a BCS school with a shocking 31-17 win over Chryst's squad. 

    Fortunately, Pitt was able to rebound and win the required six games to make it to a bowl game this year.

Illinois’ 50-14 Loss to Northwestern

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    Tim Beckman's first season as head coach at Illinois just seemed to get worse each and every week. But the true low point of the year came in the final game when the Illini were throttled by in-state rival Northwestern 50-14. 

    It was truly an embarrassing showing for Beckman's squad, which finished its extremely disappointing 2012 campaign with just a 2-10 record. 

Louisiana-Lafayette’s Blocked Punt

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    Florida had a few sleepwalk performances against lesser opponents in its last few games of the season following a loss to Georgia that cost the Gators the SEC East division title. One of those lackluster efforts came against Louisiana-Lafayette on Nov. 10. 

    The Ragin' Cajuns took advantage of Florida's miscues and actually held a 20-13 advantage with less than two minutes to go before the Gators tied things up. It looked like the game was heading to overtime, but Louisiana-Lafayette blew its opportunity at an upset by giving up a punt block that was returned for a touchdown with less than 10 seconds left. 

Sam Ficken Misses 5 Field Goals

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    Sometimes, kickers just have bad days. That was certainly the case for Penn State kicker Sam Ficken back in Week 2 when the Nittany Lions played at Virginia. 

    Ficken missed four of his five field-goal attempts, including a 42-yard potential game-winner, as well as an extra-point try in the 17-16 loss to the Cavs.

    It would have been understandable if coach Bill O'Brien went out and started looking for a new kicker once the team got back to Happy Valley. But instead, O'Brien used the "Sticken with Ficken" approach and stayed with the sophomore kicker. 

    It was a decision that paid off, as Ficken made 13 of his 16 attempts following that poor performance. 

Georgia Tech Gives Up 49 Points to Middle Tennessee State

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    Georgia Tech gave up 510 total yards to Middle Tennessee State in a 49-28 loss to the Blue Raiders at home back on Sept. 29. 

    The 21-point defeat was one of the ugliest that a BCS team had against a non-BCS team this season. 

    It was the Yellow Jackets' first loss to a non-BCS school since 1996, and it's one of the worst performances that we've seen from the team during Paul Johnson's tenure. 

Marcus Lattimore’s Knee Injury

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    Sadly, South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore's gruesome-looking leg injury against Tennessee is the last image that will have of Lattimore on a college football field. 

    It just doesn't seem fair that the star back, who had spent the entire offseason rehabbing an injury to his other knee, was dealt such another dreadful blow. But at the very least, it was heart-warming to see the players from both sides come out and show their respect to one of the best young men in college football. 

    Hopefully, Lattimore can recover from his injuries and one day make a name for himself in the NFL like he did in the SEC. 

Devon Walker’s Spine Injury

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    While Marcus Lattimore is trying to recover and make a comeback to the football field after his horrifying injury, Tulane safety Devon Walker is fighting a whole different battle following the serious injury he experienced against Tulsa on Sept. 8. 

    Walker suffered a cervical spine fracture when his head collided with a teammate while going to make a tackle. He has been undergoing therapy since the injury, but his long-term prognosis is still uncertain.

Tennessee Loses to Vanderbilt by 23

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    Before this season, Tennessee hadn't lost at Vanderbilt since 1982. But that changed when the Volunteers got destroyed by the Commodores 41-18 on Nov. 17. 

    The loss dropped the team's SEC record to 0-7, and it ended up being the final nail in the coffin for Derek Dooley, who was promptly fired soon afterwards.

    The lopsided loss to Vanderbilt shows just how much power Tennessee has lost and how much power the Commodores have gained over the last few years. 

Army’s Late Fumble vs. Navy

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    We got a glimpse of just how much the Army-Navy game really means to the players involved after the Black Knights fumbled the ball away late in the fourth quarter, costing the team a chance at a winning score in what turned out to be a 17-13 loss. 

    Cameras caught QB Trent Steelman sobbing on the sideline after botching the hand off. It was hard not to feel some remorse for the senior signal-caller, whose career came to an end in such a sad way.

Kentucky Loses to Western Kentucky

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    It wasn't expected to be a banner year for the Kentucky football team this season. But fans were at the very least expecting a win at home over Western Kentucky out of the Sun Belt conference. The Wildcats couldn't even pull that off, however, as the Hilltoppers came up with a stunning 32-31 victory in overtime. 

    The loss was the worst of Joker Phillips' tenure, and it's one that definitely contributed to him being fired.

Colorado Loses to Sacramento State

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    Like Kentucky, Colorado was a team that wasn't expected to win a ton of games and compete for a conference title in 2012. However, not even the most pessimistic Buffalo fans would have thought that the team would end up losing to Sacramento State. 

    That's exactly what happened, though. The Hornets knocked through a 30-yard field goal as time expired to win 30-28. 

    In a season in which the Buffaloes finished just 1-11, this was a loss that truly stung the most. 

Idaho Scores 3 Points Against Eastern Washington

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    We've seen a fair share of FBS teams lose to FCS teams in years past. But rarely have we seen an FBS team fail to score a touchdown on its home field against a lower-level opponent. 

    Idaho set a new example for futility, however, when the Vandals could only muster up three points and 237 total yards of offense against Eastern Washington in the team's season-opener. 

    Judging from that pitiful performance, it's really not much of a surprise that coach Robb Akey failed to survive the season. 

Mario Cristobal Gets Fired from FIU

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    At this time last year, Mario Cristobal was one of the most intriguing potential young head-coaching candidates in college football. Cristobal, who had guided the Golden Panthers to back-to-back bowl games in 2010 and 2011, reportedly turned down an offer to take over for Greg Schiano at Rutgers last offseason. 

    Now that Cristobal's been booted from FIU after just one bad season, you have to figure that the coach is regretting not taking that offer when he had the chance 

Georgia Loses 35-7 to South Carolina

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    Georgia hasn't exactly been great in big marquee games in recent years. The trend of the Bulldogs coming up short in crucial contests continued in 2012. 

    Mark Richt's squad went into a pivotal SEC East showdown with South Carolina with a 5-0 record and a Top-Five national ranking. However, Georgia ended up getting thoroughly spanked by the Gamecocks 35-7. 

    Fortunately, the team was able to bounce back and win another division title in 2012. However, that one terrible performance did prove why so many people are hesitant to put too much trust in the Bulldogs these days. 

LSU Plays Prevent Against Alabama

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    The big SEC West battle between Alabama and LSU ended up living up to the hype. However, the game's wild finish had just as much to do with Alabama executing as it did with LSU giving up too much ground.

    The Tide took over the ball at the 28-yard-line with just 1:34 left on the clock, down by four points and needing a touchdown. 

    Luckily for QB AJ McCarron and the rest of the offense, the Tigers decided to go into a deep prevent package which allowed the Tide to easily move the ball up the field before scoring the winning touchdown on a screen to RB TJ Yeldon. 

Keenan Allen Hurts His Knee on an Onside Kick

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    Freak injuries simply can't be avoided by players. However, there are some instances when it's a coach's responsibility to not put his players in harm's way. Unfortunately, that's what Jeff Tedford did when he sent out star WR Keenan Allen to try to recover an onsides kick, even though the Bears were down by 22 points with just about a minute left on the clock. 

    Allen was not successful in recovering the kick, but he was successful in injuring his knee, which forced him to miss the rest of the season. 

    It's understandable why Allen might be on the hands team. But the fact that Tedford kicked an onside kick when the game was clearly over unnecessarily jeopardized the health of players for no real reason. 

Matt Barkley’s Nightmare Comes to Life Against UCLA

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    USC QB Matt Barkley did not have the type of senior campaign that many envisioned before the season started. Barkley may have been the most-talked about player of the offseason, but he failed to capitalize on his hype, as the Trojans stumbled to a 7-5 record in 2012. 

    One of his worst performances of the year came against cross-town rival UCLA. Barkley completed just 52 percent of his passes, was picked off twice and he was pressured on numerous occasions.

    It was LB Anthony Barr's hit late in the fourth quarter that sent Barkley to the turf and eventually to the sideline with a shoulder injury. 

    The miserable day basically summed up the general feeling of the highly touted quarterback's disappointing final season. 

A Rather Sparse Turnout for the Pac-12 Championship Game

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    Only 31,622—that was the announced attendance of the Stanford-UCLA Pac-12 championship game. However, if you watched the game on television, there seemed to be even more empty seats than that at the 50,000-plus capacity Stanford Stadium. 

    The fact that the game was held on a Friday night in wet conditions likely contributed to the low attendance numbers. Nevertheless, that lack of support for such a big game is certainly disheartening no matter what. 

Franco Harris’ Joe Paterno Cardboard Cutout

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    Many Penn State fans saw the home-opener against Ohio as a way to put the sex abuse scandal that rocked the school and nearby community behind them. But not former Nittany Lion Franco Harris. 

    Harris attended the game against the Bobcats with a cardboard cutout of Joe Paterno that said "Due Process For PSU JVP."

    While the show of support for his deceased former head coach is a nice sign of respect. Ultimately, it's a misguided attempt to defend a man who didn't do such a great job of defending those that really needed his help.  

Washington Commits 18 Penalties Against Washington State

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    Washington was called for 18 penalties and committed two costly turnovers in the Apple Cup game against in-state rival Washington State. 

    The Huskies' sloppy play was the main reason that the Cougers were able to hang around and eventually pick up a 31-28 victory in overtime. 

Casey Pachall Gets Arrested

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    TCU had to deal with plenty of off-the-field troubles before the season actually started. But the Horned Frogs also had to deal with the mistakes made by their starting quarterback, Casey Pachall, in the beginning of the year. 

    Pachall was arrested for a DUI back in early October. Since then, he's left the team and tried to deal with his personal issues. 

    Hopefully, the big-armed junior signal-caller gets the chance to return next season and show the Big 12 what he's really made of. 

Alabama's Offsides Penalty Gives Texas A&M the Game

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    What people seem to forget about the Texas A&M game is that Alabama actually had the chance to get the ball back with good field position with about 40 seconds remaining. However, Tyler Hayes screwed that up by getting called for an offsides penalty, which gave the Aggies the decisive first down in the game. 

    If Hayes didn't jump offsides, and if Alabama actually did get the ball back, it's fun to think about what the Tide could have done in the last few seconds of that game. 

Matt Scott Vomits on the Field, Stays in the Game

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    I'll preface this by saying that, no, I'm not a doctor. But even I can tell when a player should be taken off the field and evaluated for concussion-like symptoms. Watching a player vomiting on the field after taking a big hit to the head is one of the times when I would pull the player aside and out of harm's way. 

    That's not what Arizona coaches did with QB Matt Scott, however. Scott was left in for a few more plays before being pulled and eventually diagnosed with a concussion. 

    The fact that the coaches risked Scott's health by leaving him in for a few more plays is reprehensible. 

Tommy Tuberville Slaps His Assistant

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    Cameras caught Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville getting physical with one of his assistant coaches during a game against Kansas. 

    Tuberville is seen slapping the headset of the coach's face following a penalty against the Red Raiders. 

    Obviously, he lost his temper and took things too far. But there's still no excuse for that kind of behavior. 

    You have to wonder if the incident had anything to do with Tuberville leaving Texas Tech for Cincinnati. 

Dayne Crist Gets the Call to Start

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    There was no one special moment of awfulness from Dayne Crist's final collegiate season at Kansas that really sticks out from the rest. It was simply just one big terrible year for the former Notre Dame quarterback. 

    Charlie Weis' special reclamation project finished the season with a 47 percent completion percentage, a 96 passer rating and a 4-9 touchdown to interception ratio. 

    If there was a true low point of the season, it was his performance against Rice in Week 2, in which he threw for just 144 yards and had two passes picked off in a 25-24 loss to the Owls at home.