20 Athletes You Should NOT Follow on Twitter

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterDecember 12, 2012

20 Athletes You Should NOT Follow on Twitter

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    One of the great things about the emergence of Twitter is that it gives us plebs the opportunity to have a look into the private lives of the rich and famous that had previously been relatively inaccessible. Professional athletes have taken to Twitter in droves, but the way in which they utilize it varies drastically from person to person. 

    Some athletesthe fun onesuse Twitter as a sounding board for whatever happens to be on their minds at a given time. Many have used it to call out teammates or coaches or ignite and escalate feuds with fellow players.

    Others use it as a platform to interact with fans and go head-to-head with their "haters." All of which have the potential to create a media firestorm because if you have over a million followers, someone is always watching. 

    Those are the types you want to follow on Twitter.

    Then there are those athletes who are a little less fun to follow. The nice guys who tweet constantly about how lucky they are to be alive and include the random Bible verse. The shameless promoter who tweets link after link to whatever company is paying them to clog up your newsfeed with their garbage. The shameless self promoter who loves him some him. And then there are those who just don't tweet at all. 

    Here are 20 athletes you should not follow on Twitter. 

20. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks

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    Twitter ID: @swish41
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Nowitzki rarely tweets, particularly during the NBA season, and when he does, they are usually sentence fragments. He does do the occasional fan giveaways, which is nice, but they are so not worth all the worthless muck and promotions. 

19. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

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    Twitter ID: @DangeRussWilson
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Wilson's tweets cover three subjects, and three subjects only. 1. How awesome it was to visit sick children—which he does a lot. 2. How awesome it would be if you would help make a difference in the lives of sick children. 3. Bible verses. Wilson is one of the nicest guys in sports, but it's niceness overkill on Twitter.  

18. Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants

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    Twitter ID: @timlincecum
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: These are the only things he's ever tweeted. It's really not fair to those of us who have had to beg, borrow and steal to get to over 1,000 followers, and here Lincecum is with almost 100k. (Sorry Tim, I still love you.)

17. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys

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    Twitter ID: @JasonWitten
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Witten may be a captivating force on the field in Dallas, but he's far less compelling online. The Cowboys tight end has a squeaky clean public persona, is married with a couple of kids and has his own charitable foundation. Witten tweets about kids and his philanthropic endeavors exclusively—admirable, but dull. 

16. Lance Armstrong, Retired Cycling

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    Twitter ID: @lancearmstrong
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Since the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released damning evidence of decades of doping, nobody is really feeling warm and fuzzy about disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong these days.

    He's been tweeting less and less in recent weeks, and what he does tweet is beyond dull or a straight-up downer—Armstrong announces most high profile deaths via Twitter. 

15. C.J. Wilson, L.A. Angels of Anaheim

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    Twitter ID: @str8edgeracer
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Wilson tweets an awful lot about very specific subjects. Although if you enjoy constant tweets about racing, people who respond to "haters" and a lot of straight edge discussion from him and his followers alike, perhaps following Wilson would be less taxing. 

14. Ozzie Guillen, Former MLB Manager

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    Twitter ID: @OzzieGuillen
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Guillen isn't nearly as entertaining in writing as he is when running his mouth with reckless abandon. He actually hasn't tweeted since getting canned by the Marlins, and the vast majority of his tweets prior are in Spanish. Oh, and Guillen has seemingly made a conscious decision to eschew all punctuation and capitalization. 

13. Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Twitter ID: @malkin71_
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: 99 percent of Malkin's tweets are in Russian, and I'm betting if you're clicking through this slideshow you don't speak even a little Russian. Although if you're tempted to run a few of his tweets through Google translate, I'd recommend it. 

12. Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins

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    Twitter ID: @KirkCousins8
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Cousins is a straight-up nerd. Don't get me wrong though. He seems like a super nice guy and is obviously very easily pleased. 

11. Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid

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    Twitter ID: @Cristiano
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Ronaldo is absolutely obsessed with Instagram. He plugs his Instagram account constantly, as if he just discovered it yesterday and is constantly posting photos of boring things. When he's not posting photos, he's letting you know that he's planning to post photos in the near future. 

10. Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers

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    Twitter ID: @HLundqvist30
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Lundqvist is a busy man and mostly just tweets about his travel schedule, places he's traveling to and places that he's travelled to in the past and misses. Boring, but so very pretty. 

9. Jeff Gordon, NASCAR

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    Twitter ID: @JeffGordonWebb
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Gordon's tweets are sporadic, and almost all of them have to do with something or someone he's promoting. Buy this. Sign up for that. Visit my website for this or that. Gordon fills in the gaps with generic congratulations to people and vague shoutouts to fans and various celebrities he encounters. 

8. Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans

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    Twitter ID: @ChrisJohnson28
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: I've actually been following Johnson for years until finally unfollowing today, and it's been a long and boring trip to Idiotville.

    On the plus side, Johnson is very active on Twitter. But unfortunately, he doesn't have enough coherent thoughts to make it worthwhile, and his favorite pastimes are re-tweeting exceptionally dumb jokes and confronting his "haters." 

7. Metta World Peace, Los Angeles Lakers

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    Twitter ID: @MettaWorldPeace
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Metta World Peace just debuted his new single…God help us. But aside from that, his Twitter account is just a manic frenzy of self promotion. Sometimes it's funny, but more often than not it's just annoying and sad. 

6. Tiger Woods, PGA

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    Twitter ID: @TigerWoods
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Woods is boring as hell on Twitter. He rarely tweets, and when he does he's promoting a charity or wishing everyone a Happy Veteran's Day. No thank you. 

5. Pau Gasol, Los Angeles Lakers

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    Twitter ID: @paugasol
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Gasol tweets everything twice—once in Spanish and then again in English—and the tweets are ridiculously boring to begin with. He also tweets all his photos twice, which is weird because I don't think there's any translation problems with pictures. 

4. Danica Patrick, NASCAR

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    Twitter ID: @DanicaPatrick
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: For someone who is the star of such allegedly provocative commercials for GoDaddy.COM and has appeared in next to nothing in a number of magazines, Patrick is stunningly boring. Her tweets consist almost entirely of the most ridiculously mundane details of her life, promotions and bragging about personal achievements. 

3. Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks

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    Twitter ID: @carmeloanthony
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Anthony's Twitter page is more than likely run by his publicist or some type of official hired hand. He promotes his own merchandise, announces each Knicks game day, tweets about his own good deeds and promotes charities. It's a good way to keep out of trouble but is beyond boring for fans. 

2. Tim Tebow, New York Jets

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    Twitter ID: @TimTebow
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: Actually, I should say skip the follow if (rather than because) you aren't as enthusiastically religious as the notably virtuous Tebow. His tweets are mostly Bible verses, things he is thankful for and people he's praying for. No offense intended to Tebow's army, so please call off the dogs. 

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr., Boxer

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    Twitter ID: @FloydMayweather
    No. of Followers: 

    Skip the Follow Because: I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the worst people on earth, and his tweets back that assertion up (as does his impressive arrest record). Floyd "Money" tweets about money. He tweets about having money, earning money, spending money and brags about his massive gambling losses. 

    You might want to start following him about five years after he retires from boxing—when his fur coats are being collected by the local sheriff deputies to be auctioned off as part of his bankruptcy settlement. 

    For more advice on who to follow and who not to follow on Twitter, you should follow me on Twitter. Obviously.