Mike Tyson Helps Give Arnold Schwarzenegger Singing Lessons in Christmas Special

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Just when you thought it would be impossible to cram a season's worth of Holiday goodness into 2 minutes of epic video, this wonderful moment from Arnold Schwarzenegger's past surfaces. 

Mike Tyson, Danny DeVito and Randy Travis join the guy who starred in Jingle All the Way for a way-back video that will have you offering up things like WTF and OMG. 

This is a video spotted by Everything is Terrible and repackaged for Holiday joy. 

It features the former bodybuilder turned movie star turned California Governor turned old guy, Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

It begins with him calling out this old lady for being a no-good, dirty liar. OK, he didn't exactly say that, but bowler Marie Gretter tries to pull a fast one on the same guy who threw an armless Richter off an elevator. 

It's the same man who knows that when life hands you alien lemons, you head to the choppa. 

So don't try and lie to him, Marie Gretter. 

The holiday special spirals wonderfully into a rousing rendition of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," but not before Harry Tasker talks about the devil. 

At the 1:14 mark we see legendary ear biter Mike Tyson before he became a comedic movie star. Then there is Danny DeVito and some guy you can't remember but then you think for a second and, oh, yeah that's Randy Travis (1:50 mark). 

That's it. I received exactly what I wanted for Christmas. 

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