10 Free Agents, Draft Targets the Denver Broncos Should Chase for 2013

Jennifer Eakins@@themondaymommy Contributor IDecember 12, 2012

10 Free Agents, Draft Targets the Denver Broncos Should Chase for 2013

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    Even though Bronco fans are currently riding high on this season's accomplishments, let's look a little ahead to 2013.

    While Denver has put together a phenomenal win streak and is playing well on both sides of the ball, there is still room for improvement. With some notable Broncos becoming available in 2013, Denver will need a solid draft and a high grade during free agency to build on their success from 2012.

    Here is a look at 10 guys the Broncos should take a second and perhaps a third look at targeting this offseason, to set themselves up for another successful year in 2013.

Jonathan Jenkins DT, Georgia

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    With Justin Bannan and Ty Warren having contracts that will end after the 2012 season, it is imperative for the Broncos to draft or sign a defensive tackle this offseason.

    Based on Denver's projected deep playoff run, we can eliminate the top DT prospects on the big board, as the Broncos will probably be drafting somewhere in the late 20's to early 30's.

    The top guy most likely to be available at the end of the first round that fits Denver's scheme the best is Georgia defensive tackle Jonathan Jenkins. At 6'3" 358 lbs, Jenkins has proven he can perform at a high level with consistency in a tough SEC platform.

    Since stuffing the run is a priority for this Denver defense, Jenkins would add quickness and size, as well as the ability to shed blocks in pursuit of opposing ball carriers.

Brandon Moore OG, NY Jets

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    Although Moore will be 33 at the start of the 2013 season, he might just be the best offensive guard on the market.

    I know what you are thinking; the Jets are just plain awful. I am certainly not going to argue with you there. However, Moore has been a solid standout at guard for New York and is still playing at a high level in his 10th season.

    With Peyton Manning behind center, the Broncos need some more depth on their offensive line in order to protect their valuable signal caller in the future. 

    In Moore, Denver would gain a leader and veteran who is hungry for a Super Bowl. With the debacle that the Jets organization has become, one would think it would be easy to entice Moore to come finish out his career as a Bronco with a decent price tag.

Arthur Brown MLB, Kansas State

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    While veteran Keith Brooking has done a decent job at middle linebacker after signing with the Broncos during the offseason, Denver is going to want to add some fresh blood and depth to the position moving forward.

    The Broncos will likely use their second-round pick to add an inside linebacker that will ready to make an immediate impact for Denver's defense and provide a long-term solution at the position.

    At 6'1", 224 lbs, Brown appears to be a bit undersized for a linebacker in the NFL. However, his quickness and tackling efficiency make up for any size issue that he may have. 

    Brown's ability to stop opposing runners in the backfield for a loss could be beneficial for this Bronco defense. Especially against formidable AFC West division runners such as Jamaal Charles and Darren McFadden.

    If Denver can get their hands on a guy like Arthur Brown in the second round, an already solid defense could potentially be elevated to a whole other level of greatness.

Reggie Bush, RB Miami Dolphins

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    After a somewhat tumultuous start to his NFL career, Reggie Bush is finding himself on the market again after a successful 2011 and 2012 with the Dolphins.

    He rushed for over 1,000 yards in 2011 and is on pace for a repeat performance this season. At age 27, he has matured into a dependable solid running back and would fit well into Peyton Manning's offensive scheme.

    Bush has proven to be a solid runner between the tackles. He is also capable of catching the ball and making plays out of the backfield.

    With the Dolphins having to consider using a franchise tag on him, Bush will most likely test the market and see what other options he has for his future in the league.

    Depending on his price tag and what Denver decides to do with Willis McGahee, Reggie Bush could be a great fit for this offense moving forward in 2013.

Omoregie Uzzi OG, Georgia Tech

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    With injuries sustained this season and a lack of real depth on the offensive line, Denver should be looking to procure a body or two to be able to make plays and keep Peyton Manning safe next season.

    A guy like Omoregie Uzzi could be a great sleeper for Denver as much of the focus will be on Alabama's guard tandem Chance Warmack and Barrett Jones as well as North Carolina's Jonathan Cooper.

    In using their fourth-round pick on Uzzi, Denver would get a first team All-ACC guy who is a physical run blocker and moves well laterally. He is also proven to display a solid work ethic both on and off the field.

    Not only would Uzzi provide Denver with much needed depth, but with the right mentoring has the potential to be a key player for the Broncos' offensive line moving forward.  

    Plus, his name is pretty fun to say, it's pronounced O-more-gay Ooze-E.

William Moore S, Altanta Falcons

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    If Denver does not acquire a safety during the draft in April, they will most likely look to sign one through free agency.

    William Moore is an imposing safety who has had a very successful season with the Falcons so far in 2012. He has good hitting power, natural instincts and is a solid tackler.

    Moore has had a tendency to be injury prone in the past and is currently dealing with a shoulder issue. If he can stay healthy, Moore would be a great addition to the Broncos secondary. His health issues may bring down his price tag and Denver could get a great deal, adding some depth at safety.

Jordan Boyer CB, Oregon State

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    The outstanding performances of back-ups Chris Harris and Tony Carter at corner have been a very pleasant surprise for the Denver Broncos.

    With Tracy Porter's medical issues and end of contract looming, along with an aging Champ Bailey, it would be in the Broncos best interest to grab a cornerback in the 2013 draft or through free agency.

    If the Broncos are looking to secure a corner earlier in the draft, Poyer would make a great fit for this Denver secondary moving forward. Poyer was recently named to the AP All-American team and the Walter Camp All-American team as well.

    Poyer is physical, athletic and has the talent to make opposing quarterbacks regret throwing the ball in his direction.

    With the ability to be mentored by an elite cornerback like Champ Bailey, Jordan Poyer's potential is limitless with the Broncos if they do decide to go the route of drafting a corner in 2013.

Duke Williams S, Nevada

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    The acquisition of safety Mike Adams this past offseason has proven to be a beneficial one, as he has been all over the field defending the pass for the Broncos. The duo of Adams and Rahim Moore has been successful this season; however depth at the safety position is always something needed on a team's roster.

    Denver will not likely use an early round pick on a safety, being that there are other needs on the Broncos' squad for next season.

    A guy like Duke Williams would be a great addition to this Denver defense as a potential fourth or fifth round selection. Williams has been a dominant defender at Nevada. He closes well on outside runs and is athletic enough to stick with slot receivers.

    Duke Williams could be a potential steal as a late rounder in 2013.

Henry Melton DT, Chicago Bears

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    Henry Melton has come a long way since his back-up running back days at the University of Texas. Now almost 50 lbs heavier and playing defensive tackle, he has become one of the premier interior pass rushers in the league.

    Through Week 14, Melton has 41 tackles, six sacks and two forced fumbles. Chicago will probably do everything possible to keep him in a Bear uniform, however the success of this 2012 Bronco team be certainly be enticing for the young defensive lineman.

    If Denver is willing to put a big chunk of change down for Melton he would be an outstanding addition to a defensive line that needs some work and more depth this offseason.   

Matt Moore QB, Miami Dolphins

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    As a leftover from a previous system in Miami, it is highly unlikely that Ryan Tannehill's backup will remain in a Dolphin uniform next season.

    With a healthy Peyton Manning in the line-up, the Broncos really did not have a "Plan B" this season. During the offseason, Denver will likely look to acquire a No. 2 as insurance to prepare for the worst.

    Moore is a decent game manager and has the potential to orchestrate a few wins if needed.

    Denver may not choose to procure another quarterback this offseason, however if they do, Moore is the top guy available to potentially be Manning's clip board jockey for the 2013 season.