WWE Raw Results: Why Combining IC and US Championship Storylines Works

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst IDecember 11, 2012

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

Some of the most talented and promising superstars are mid-carders—but that’s great. 

The build up to WWE's forthcoming pay-per-view, Tables, Ladders & Chairs, has been purposely convoluted; matches have been changed on the fly and storylines have overlapped others. 

The most notable of the intertwining stories has to be the mid-card championship storylines. At the beginning of the TLC buildup, both titles had their respective champions and contenders.

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston had the returning Wade Barrett. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro continued his feud with R-Truth.

But somewhere along the line, the stories became one. A Kingston appearance often followed a Cesaro sighting, and vice versa.

More notably, Barrett and Cesaro faced the Kingston and Truth, who were previously Tag Team Champions, in a tag match. The story was no longer about the blasé confrontation between the reigning champion and the upstart contender. The conversation became about the importance of the mid-card belts.

As a result, there is more depth at the bottom of WWE’s totem pole to fill out the rest of the roster. After all, every superstar cannot compete for the WWE or World Heavyweight titles at the same time.

WWE is creating a niche for these superstars to excel. With the influx of young talent that has debuted over the past year in WWE programming, there must be a depth—or at the very least the appearance of depth—across the board. Having capable and entertaining superstars holding and competing for the Intercontinental and United States Championships achieves this.

And the parity of these four competitors is apparent based on what has transpired leading up to WWE’s December event. Wade Barrett proved his worth by defeating Kofi Kingston in a non-title match. Antonio Cesaro quickly made waste of R-Truth during their Survivor Series title match.

But WWE took a proactive approach to these matchups and flipped the script. Just this past Monday on Raw, Barrett lost to R-Truth and Cesaro beat Kingston. It ultimately makes the upcoming title matches more interesting now that no wrestler is deemed the favorite.

In the past, non-competitive confrontations have hyped up future matches but not in this case. These superstars are letting their in-ring skill do that.

Simply put, it shifts the focus back to wrestling.


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