Randy Orton Is RAW

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IMarch 24, 2009

Last week after watching Monday Night RAW, my thoughts wandered back to the image of Tom and Jerry and cage matches.

After watching this week's RAW, I am speechless.

Where was the creative team last week? Did they doze off and wake up just a few hours shy of MNR?

Never mind all of that. My complaints seem to bite me back somehow. A while ago, I argued with my friends that Randy Orton will never be a champion again.

That was four years ago, and now, my favourite superstar to watch has become Randy Orton.

The Undertaker-Shawn Michaels segment was good, but the best comes out last.

Again, I will state that I may be the biggest complaint box in the universe, as I asked myself why Hunter get the upper hand? Why doesn't Orton make another statement?

Then I thought, there's no one left to punt besides maybe Hunter's kids and Linda McMahon—and we all know that ain't gonna happen.

He celebrated with Evolution—and then he was decimated by the man who wanted to make him a superstar.

Orton has become the ultimate weapon, but he has no control over what he does.  I used to think Orton's mic skills were average at best, whereas his ring work was solid.

When he won back the WWE Championship from HHH at No Mercy, after he retained the championship at the Royal Rumble, and when he retained the championship at WM 24 I was shocked.

Triple H had to get in the way and injure him, but Orton had to return. He knew working his way back up would not be easy.

But instead of launching himself into the main-event scene (here's looking at you, John) he instead climbs the ladder slowly and methodically.

When Orton used to pick up a mic, I used to sigh. Now, I wait with bated breath, ingesting every word spoken by the man.

You could have forced your way back up, you could've just argued about being the No. 1 contender. Instead, you decide to face everything that comes your way.

IED is your excuse, which you don't hide behind anymore. You know if you start destroying you won't stop because you enjoy it too much.

Again, instead of hammering Steph in the face like any other superstar with a grudge would, you infuriated and tortured Hunter.

Your mind is your greatest weapon.

You are shocking.

You are Monday Night RAW!