WWE TLC 2012 Matches: John Cena Can Elevate Dolph Ziggler to New Heights

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistDecember 11, 2012

Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

Sunday night will be one of, if not the defining night of Dolph Ziggler's career.

If he fails to retain his Money in the Bank briefcase, he will take quite a tumble down the pecking order of stars in WWE, from which it could take years to return.

Should he win, though, Ziggler could be cemented as a bona fide star for years.

Some wrestling fans were ready to throw their televisions against the wall when it was announced he would be putting up the briefcase against John Cena at Tables, Ladders & Chairs this Sunday. He has held on to the briefcase ever since winning it this past July.

The timing needs to be perfect for Ziggler to use his opportunity to fight the World Heavyweight Championship holder. If WWE waits too long, he loses steam and people forget about him.

Therefore, impatient fans have been arguing that he should have cashed it in by now, but by waiting, the company has allowed him to gain some momentum. It doesn't want to make the mistake of having him cash in too early like it did with Jack Swagger.

He won the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania XXVI. He cashed in the briefcase less than a week later. Swagger wasn't ready to hold one of WWE's biggest titles, and it showed.

After the months he has been holding the briefcase, it would almost be a slap in the face to Ziggler and much of the roster as a whole if Cena were to win on Sunday, not that it would be that surprising.

However, what better way is there to ensure that fans take Ziggler seriously and believe he's ready to hold the world title?

Cena doesn't lose to too many wrestlers on pay-per-view these days. There's The Rock, CM Punk, The Big Show and that's about it. It would be huge for him to lose on PPV.

The biggest problem with the company right now is how stale it is.

Wrestling fans are dying for new talent to be pushed to the forefront. Ryback is getting a huge push, but WWE is constantly relying on guys like The Big Show, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Cena, Punk and Alberto Del Rio to main event every PPV.

Ziggler has had some title matches in the past, but for the most part, he's a fresh face when it comes to main-event feuds. He might not be the best wrestler on the planet without fault, but Ziggler's more than ready to be elevated to a constant staple in the main event.

He can sell like no other, and his work on the microphone has been steadily improving. Vickie Guerrero was a good partner for him because she could be his mouthpiece and get heat from the crowd. That's not necessary anymore.

Sunday night Cena and WWE have the opportunity to help a new wrestler get that final push into rarefied air of being a bankable star. Here's to hoping they don't screw it up.