Oakland Raiders: Breaking Down the DeAngelo Hall Trade

Andrew KneelandSenior Writer IMarch 24, 2008

Depending on whom you believe, the Oakland Raiders either just got much better or much worse. Although the deal was announced a few days ago, the jury is still out on whether or not the Raiders got what they paid for.

We may not really know for a few years, but let's try to pick this deal apart and see who really won.

The fact that the former eighth overall pick is only 24 years old is probably the biggest plus for the Raiders. They have seven years to mold him to into whatever defensive coordinator Rob Ryan wants him to be. 

Of course, you have to take into the equation Hall's actual abilities. This is where the opinions get rather varied.

Here's what an NFC personnel executive says about Hall:

"He's a talented guy who gives them some plays, but he doesn't play smart at times. He gives up some plays to guys who shouldn't beat him."

An AFC scout:

"Despite Hall's flaws, I love the way he competes against top receivers, and pairing him with Nnamdi Asamougha makes life difficult for receivers in the AFC West."

Other NFL scouts say that Hall is "overrated" and is beaten by receivers he should be able to cover.

Oakland defensive coordinator Rob Ryan loves the man-to-man scheme, and Hall's amazing speed should allow him to put some pressure on receivers at the line of scrimmage.

Another AFC scout sums up the deal very well:

"The move is a very aggressive play by the Raiders, but it gives them two top notch players at the corner in the prime of their careers." 

The deal looks good for the Raiders, but how about Atlanta?

Hall wasn't happy with the Falcons, and the Falcons weren't happy with Hall. Atlanta received a 2008 second round pick and a late 2009 draft pick for the unhappy cornerback.

That leaves the rebuilding Falcons with 10 draft selections in the 2008 draft, four of which come in the first 48 picks.

One of the best solutions for rebuilding a team is to stockpile draft picks. Atlanta will take a top quarterback to help them in the coming years, as well as the option to fill several other holes in their team.

Bottom line: this trade immediately helps the Atlanta Falcons, and should help the Oakland Raiders now and far into the future.