World Football's Top 15 Bloopers from 2012

Thomas Atzenhoffer@socceratzCorrespondent IIDecember 12, 2012

World Football's Top 15 Bloopers from 2012

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    Like any major sports competition, World Football has some of the best bloopers, mistakes and funny moments from the world of athletics.

    From fan moments and mishaps, to mistakes of all kinds, along with players just not watching what they are doing, we "dive" into the best bloopers of the yearly campaign.


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    Neymar is the highest rated youngster in Brazil at the moment, but even prodigies can sky a penalty from time to time.

    However, Neymar truly missed this one in style.

Lionel Messi Fan Rocket

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    In the game of football there are times when you have to clear your lines.

    However, FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi made a point of clearing his right into the faces of Real Madrid fans when all he had to do was give it a tap to see it go out.

Sergio Busquets vs. Manchester United

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    It is bad enough to see a dive in a real match, and more troubling that it happens so often.

    However, there is something even more annoying about diving in a friendly such as Sergio Busquets did in the above video.

Keeper Goes Wild

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    Never underestimate the ferocity of a goalkeeper. Many a match they are forced to sit back without much to do.

    However, be wary of what can happen if you unleash that pent up energy and frustration. AZ Alkmaar keeper Esteban Alvarado is one such example of a keeper that was simply not busy enough.

A Swing and a Miss

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    This Dutch Eredivisie fan won't soon forget why he never made it to the pitch as a professional.

    Nothing busted but his pride, literally.

Take One for the Team

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    We all remember the kid that thought he was so cool with his ability to run and do a flip to launch a wanna be Rory Delap long throw.

    Well this time that kid got the last laugh. Start at the 52 second mark.

Great Fan Dances

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    Nothing like a good groove in the stands, but some fans just do not have what it takes, nor do any other fans want to be a part of the shindig.

    This fan gets a little too free with the music starting at the 2:33 mark above.

That Sand Is Tricky

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    Beach soccer is not devoid of their own funny incidents. As if grass as a playing surface is not tricky enough, this poor goalkeeper just was not prepared for the swiftness of the pitch.

Tough Posts to Beat

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    The Australian A-League is growing every year as a more and more viable competition in the Oceanic area.

    However, it seems that some clubs install tough to be near and far posts on their goals to help stave off their competition. Start from 4:10.

Gareth Bale Own Goal

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    One of the funniest moments of the year came at the expense of Tottenham Hotspurs winger, Gareth Bale.

    The Welshman was doing his best to keep his goal safe, but a swift clearance to the face was not what he had in mind.

How Many Times Mistakes Can You Make in 15 Seconds

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    An easy save, two missed shots on a wide open net and a goal keeper that jogs back after a massive miscue.

    What more, dare I say, was wrong with that entire moment of football?

A Collection of Dives

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    Diving is one of the worst parts of the modern game. However, it can offer some entertainment at times.

    EuroSport made sure to remember the worst of the 2012 calendar year all at once. Enjoy.

Gymnastics Dont Stop Penalties

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    Perhaps this goal keeper would have been better suited as a gymnast, as his skills clearly were not of the right quality to play in net, for anyone.

Nothing but a Headbutt

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    Yes, this video was in a previous slide, but I had to make a point.

    Enough is enough when the managers start getting involved in the diving.

    We all wonder how our game is becoming clouded with such horrid acting; with leaders of men resorting to the same dirty tricks no wonder it is a problem.

Mario Balotelli, There Really Is a Missing Piece

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    Mario Balotelli dazzled the world when we all realized he truly could not figure out how to put on a practice bib.

    Not only did he need assistance to get it right, he then had to start all over again with a new color. Start at the 52 second mark and enjoy.