Tampa Bay Buccaneers Slump: Will They Win Another Game?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IDecember 10, 2012

Greg Schiano needs to pick his team up off the floor.
Greg Schiano needs to pick his team up off the floor.J. Meric/Getty Images

Three straight losses.

Doesn't taste very good, does it?

That late-game disaster on Sunday was perhaps the worst yet, the worst this season; it's the first game the Tampa Bay Buccaneers found themselves better than a touchdown favorite.

They've taken care of business against the lousy teams until last Sunday and now you have to ask the question: Will they be joining the ranks of those "lousy" teams?

Is it possible that the Bucs won't win another game this season? Is it possible that they could end 2012 with a heinous six-game losing streak?

Is it possible that the optimism of 6-4 will crumble into a top-10 selection in the April draft?

Through 14 weeks, the one thing we have learned is that with these Tampa Bay Buccaneers, all things are possible, both good and bad.

You have to wonder how that loss against a floundering team with a rookie quarterback will affect the psyche of a young team like this one.

You have to wonder how this Swiss cheese of a secondary can possibly hold together against what could end up as a 480-yard passing day next Sunday by Drew Brees.

You have to wonder if there's no end to the ineptness, the inability to get a stop when it counts.

You have to wonder whatever happened to Mark Barron, who is suddenly and often looking lost back there at strong safety, where he doesn't look very strong; he looks weak and vulnerable to just about anything that comes his way.

Is this what we're getting out of a top-10 draft pick?

You have to wonder if the rag-tag makeshift offensive line has been exposed for what it is—a substandard unit that can't get the job done.

We're finding out that Demar Dotson, Jamon Meredith and Ted Larsen are not very good. They are certainly not NFL starters and they have shown us why they pay guys like Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph huge amounts of money.

If there is any good news in all of this bad news it is the fact that Doug Martin is beyond the real deal. No rookie wall for this kid. Could have a really nice career if he stays healthy.

The other good news is that the Bucs have two solid young linebackers. No doubts about Lavonte David and Mason Foster.

No doubts about Mike Williams or Vincent Jackson.

When it comes to Josh Freeman, it doesn't matter what we think, he will get a contract extension. But it will be up to him to help snap this three-game losing streak. That's what franchise quarterbacks in waiting do. It's what Josh needs to do.

We said it before the season started, reiterated it during the season and will say it once again. This team is a year away from being a playoff contender.

The challenge for Mark Dominik will be to have another draft equal to this one.

The challenge will be to make sure that there are no boneheads in the house like Aqib Talib and Eric Wright, both of whom are to blame for the deplorable condition of the Buccaneers secondary.

Yeah, blame those two bozos, they deserve it.

As for this week, a tough task ahead there in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. 

You'll have Drew Brees out there and that's just a slight upgrade from Nick Foles.

Isn't it?