Former Jets Player Scotty McKnight and "Nashville" Star Hayden Panettiere Split

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 10, 2012

Photo Credit: Perez Hilton
Photo Credit: Perez Hilton

For all those fans of former New York Jets players finding true love in Hollywood, avert your eyes. Scotty McKnight and diminutive actress Hayden Panettiere have reportedly broken up. 

It seems like only August since the last time we caught up with the couple who made news when McKnight was cut by the New York Jets. 

Now TMZ has an equally depressing report for those who thought this was the last stop for both Hollywood hottie and NFL free agent. 

Hayden Panettiere and her football player boyfriend Scotty McKnight are officially broken up ... this according to sources close to the couple. 

Sources tell us ... the two broke up a couple of weeks ago ... but it wasn't a nasty breakup. We're told the two are still "really good friends."

As these things go, it seems like this is the best you can hope for in a split. Hell, there is even a chance the two may reconcile. 

One source tells TMZ, "They will probably be back together sometime down the road."

So it seems the two are still rather fond for one another and willing to keep the door of chance open for the time being. 

McKnight last played for the Jets but was waived in August. He is quite active on Twitter and had this picture of the couple in late November.

Grown up things...

— Scotty McKnight (@smcknight21) November 23, 2012


Panettiere rose to fame with her role in Heroes and now plays the role of Juliette Barnes in ABC's Nashville


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