UFC on FX 6: 6 Other Country vs. Country TUF Shows the UFC Could Produce

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistDecember 11, 2012

UFC on FX 6: 6 Other Country vs. Country TUF Shows the UFC Could Produce

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    UFC on FX 6 plays host this weekend to the finale of The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes, a version of the long-running reality show pitting a team of Australians against a team from the United Kingdom.

    It is the second time ever the show has featured a country vs. country format. The first version saw the United Kingdom meet up against the United States in the ninth season of the show's American version.

    Here are six other country vs. country versions of the show the UFC could produce.

USA vs. Canada

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    UFC 58 was the first and only time the UFC has utilized a country vs. country pay-per-view. It featured the United States taking on Canada, with the US winning 5-3.

    Enter the present day, where the inclusion of a Canadian version of TUF should be imminent. The country is rich in untapped talent, as seen in this season of TUF where Mike Ricci has reached the finals as a Canadian. 

    This version would obviously work, as Canadians and Americans both speak English. They could live and communicate with one another, but also put on a fierce border rivalry.

    There are definitely plenty of established veterans that could step up and coach the season.

China vs. India

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    Although the Chinese and Indian people don't speak the same language, that shouldn't be the deciding factor in having this version of the show.

    Both are markets that the UFC are trying to tap into. However, both countries are still in the beginning stages of MMA development.

    How many Chinese fighters are in the UFC? One.

    How many Indian fighters are in the UFC? None.

    Finding talent in these places is crucial, but, in reality, it is going to be a slow process. Pinning these two teams against each other would help to slowly build the talent.

UK vs. Ireland

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    The political and military rivalry that has historically pitted the Irish against the British has been well-documented. However, I am sure the fighters could be civil living in a house, training and competing against one another if put in a TUF series.

    Ireland has a lot of untapped talent that currently work on the European regional scene. Of course, the UK has been successful in the two seasons they have been involved as a team.

    Imagine the intensity these fighters would bring. In terms of a reality view of the show, their conflicting slang would definitely entertain.

USA vs. Brazil

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    Again, there may be a language barrier to overcome here, but again, who says these guys need to constantly communicate with one another?

    The United States and Brazil are regarded as having the most talent in the world when it comes to MMA. Aside from Georges St. Pierre, every other champion in the UFC is Brazilian or American.

    This would be especially good for the lighter weight classes, as Brazil and the USA both have some unsigned studs that could make for a competitive season.

Previous Installments: USA vs. UK and Australia vs. UK

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    If doing something once is good, why not try it one more time?

    Both the USA vs. UK and Australia vs. UK versions of the show have been a nice mix-up for the series. These versions of the show could definitely be used once more. 

    The Aussies and the British had a very heated and competitive rivalry. The US and Brits were also very adamant about beating each other.

    Using these two varieties of the show gives fans a chance to take sides and root for a nation.

    Nationalism is far more powerful than picking between something like Team Carwin or Team Nelson.