WWE Rumor Mill (March 24)

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMarch 24, 2009

Hi, people and welcome to another edition of the Rumor Mill.
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Jericho vs. Lawler
Jerry Lawler challenged Chris Jericho to a match on next week's Raw leading to WrestleMania 25.

Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield has posted a response
acknowledging Rey Mysterio's challenge to him at WrestleMania.

"Got brand new boots for Wrestlemania, first time to wear them," Layfield wrote. "Not sure why Rey Mysterio is so stupid to challenge me on such a historic occasion, but he will be the one that suffers."


Dolph Ziggler has relaunched his official website.


Full Transcript Of HBK Interview From April's WWE Magazine


Shawn, in honor of the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, if you had to bestow the title on anyone, whom would you pronounce as the new Mr. WrestleMania?

"I said "Mr. WrestleMania" as a line once in a promo and, just like "The Showstopper," it took on a life of its own. To anoint someone new would imply that I'm not Mr. WrestleMania anymore, and that can't be the case. It's still me."

Speaking of Chris Jericho, things got heated between him and your wife in the ring
at SummerSlam 2008. Did you get household detention for bringing her to the pay-per-view?

"Heck no! I married the coolest woman in the world. She's tough. She can get down and be a redneck, and the next day she can home-school our kids, run our business, and be a lady. I know people say they have a great wife, but mine is a phenomenal woman."

Miz & John Morrison recently took some shots at DX. You replied by saying, "You can mock my kids, you can punch my wife in the face, but nobody mocks the chaps." What makes the chaps so sacred?

"Nothing. It was a stupid line. Whenever I'm in DX, it's about being as stupid as I can possibly be, and that's it. Every now and then Triple H will say I look like a Village People reject or something like that—sometimes you just have to make fun of yourself."


On the Diva front

It looks like both Candice and Gail might be back in WM25 again, maybe, depends on Vince's mood. I wish he would make up his mind already.



Diva tribute canceled; it's an all Male show instead.

Matches include:

WWE Tag Team Champion Carlito vs. World Tag Team Champion John Morrison;

ECW Champion Jack Swagger and Tyson Kidd against Evan Bourne and Tommy Dreamer; and

WWE United States Champion MVP plans to bring his VIP Lounge to tonight's show, where all Money in the Bank participants star as his featured guests.



Hulk Hogan has plans to release a second autobiography entitled "My Life Outside The Ring." The book will primarily focus on his personal life and is slated to be released on Oct. 27 through St. Martin's books.

Roddy Piper continues to praise Rourke's performance in The Wrestler and continues to push for a wrestling union.

"The WWE have done some wonderful things for wrestlers. But we can't keep on dying. The wrestlers give their hearts—they give the best part of their lives. So as the success goes on, why aren't they being taken care of?"

"My generation and the generation before me—these guys today shouldn't have to go through what we went through. They've got masseurs and therapists now, whereas to save money on the road, we would've ordered old pizza if we could. So we've taken the pain.

"I just think, 'C'mon guys, if it's a billion-dollar business, which it is, give it (a union) to them.' But wrestlers are afraid for their jobs, so it's probably only going to be pressure from the public that makes it happen."

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Behind the scenes

WWE executive VP Kevin Dunn told Variety that the company is "working closely with marketing, development, and creative execs at Sci-Fi to develop a rebranding plan for ECW."

Rebranding to what, exactly?
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