Michelle Jenneke and Hope Solo Lead Athletes in AskMen's Marvelous Top 99 List

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 11, 2012

EAST HARTFORD, CT - OCTOBER 23: Hope Solo #1 of the United States plays in goal against Germany during the game on October 23, 2012 at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Connecticut.  (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

This one is all about the ladies. 

Online men's magazine AskMen.com compiled an epic list of 99 women who have dominated the year and received quite the accolades. 

From top to bottom, their 2013 edition is chock full of amazing women, and is a perfect opportunity for debate. From a sports standpoint, we couldn't be happier as eight women from the sports world land in their Top 99 Women 2013 Edition list

Here is our chance to pay homage to some lovely ladies who have dominated the past year and move into the new year with superb swagger. 


No. 10: Michelle Jenneke; AskMen Page for Michelle Jenneke

We live in an age where stardom comes as quickly as the click of the mouse. A video first posted by With Leather of Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke went viral. 

From there, the world became quite acquainted with this amateur athlete who likes to warm up for a meet by doing an adorable dance. 

The latest from the 19-year old is this interview from Cosby Sweaters. Something tells me 2013 will be even better for the track star. 


No. 30: Hope Solo; AskMen Page for Hope Solo

Hope Solo continues to wade between American sweetheart and controversial sports star. Judging by the passion with which she plays the game, I am guessing she cares little of what you think about her. 

The past year saw Solo grab the gold medal with the rest of her team. She also walked down the aisle in a bizarre wedding to much-maligned former NFL player Jerramy Stevens. 

As long as she is in goal for Team USA, you can bet Solo will be at the heart of influential lists like this one. 


No. 41: Lolo Jones; AskMen Page for Lolo Jones 

The Summer Olympics was supposed to be Lolo Jones last chance at gold medal glory, but it seems this athlete has her eye on winter success. 

She is working hard to maintain her seat on the US national bobsled team as she continues to be one of the more outspoken sports stars. 


No. 43: Ronda Rousey; AskMen Page for Ronda Rousey

We like our athletes to be amazing in their respective sports and interesting to us at all times (see ongoing gripes with San Antonio Spurs). 

Rousey is that special athlete who can make us tune into a fight and a subsequent interview with equal zeal. 


No. 53: Antonija Misura; AskMen Page for Antonija Misura 

As the AskMen post states, a great deal of the hype surrounding this Croatian national basketball player is her remarkable beauty. 

While only averaging 3.3 points per game in the London Games, her Internet fame rose to viral levels. 


No. 65: Leryn Franco; AskMen Page for Leryn Franco 

Despite not medaling in the javelin this past summer, Leryn Franco still makes this list of the top women of the year. 

Largely, it's because sports fans can't get enough of her. Here is to hoping we see her back on this list in some other sort of fashion. As the post tells us, she has featured in events like, "Miss Bikini Universe Pageant (2006) and magazines such as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (2011)."


No. 73: Lindsey Vonn; AskMen Page for Lindsey Vonn 

The 28-year-old just completed a year where she captured her fourth World Cup title in four years, making her the biggest sports star on the mountain. As we inch towards the 2014 Games, her fame is only going to grow. 


No. 96 Ana Ivanovic: AskMen Page for Ana Ivanovic

The 25-year-old Serbian tennis player is enjoying one of her more fruitful years in her career. She is ranked No. 13 overall and managed to reach the quarterfinals in the 2012 US Open.


Now comes the part where you sports fans debate the list and whether AskMen got their placement correct.

As the past year dissolves into the new year, we are confident the next 12 months will be remarkable with these ladies around.


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