Michael Vick: Quarterback or Coward?

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Michael Vick: Quarterback or Coward?
IconWhat has Michael Vick done in the NFL—won a few playoff games, run for a few thousand yards, thrown a few interceptions, notched a few losing seasons?
We won't miss him.
Is Vick a quarterback, or just a coward with speed who's scared to stay in the pocket?
Look at the stats: a below-average completion percentage, a QB rating from hell, and a sick TD-to-INT ratio...as in it makes you want to vomit. 
They say you can't judge Michael Vick on conventional stats, but how the hell else are you supposed to judge a quarterback? Sounds like a guy who need excuses to me.
His supporters say Vick has never had any big-time receivers. But neither has three-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady, and neither did Donovan McNabb when he led the Eagles to four NFC Championship games. 
Vick isn't a quarterback. He's a coward.
And if he never plays in the NFL again, the loss will be entirely his own.

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