Caroline Wozniacki Imitates Serena Williams, Still Loses to Maria Sharapova

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 10, 2012

The world of tennis loves the fine art of impressions, possibly more than a crushing volley or a clutch winner. 

What that in mind, Caroline Wozniacki did her best impression of current No. 3 player in the world, Serena Williams, at an exhibition match in Sao Paulo. 

This is not the only act of comedy from the 22-year-old Danish star, as she also took time to mock Rafael Nadal at the 2011 US Open. 

Many will remember her best impression of the Spaniard having painful cramps.

Of course, Andy Roddick beat Wozniacki to the punch when he stuffed towels in his shorts to make light of Serena Williams, right after imitating Pete Sampras, Maria Sharapova and Rafael Nadal. 

This wasn't even the first time Wozniacki did this impression, doing the same thing last year, via Larry Brown Sports

As you can see, tennis players tend to get bored serving and returning balls all year long, especially during this part of the season. 

The exhibition ended with Woz losing to star Sharapova 6-2, 7-6—hardly an outcome that was newsworthy. 

No, the bigger story is what took place between play, sort of like Novak Djokovic's recent on-court rubdown.

I will leave you with one of the funnier comments from YouTube: "Maybe if she imitated Serena's actual tennis, she'd win a little more."

Now that's funny.