Why John Cena Should Not Win at WWE TLC

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistDecember 13, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

John Cena and Dolph Ziggler will battle at the TLC pay-per-view in only a few days. Ziggler and Cena have had a pretty solid feud building, and now, Ziggler's Money in The Bank briefcase is on the line in a ladder match at TLC.

This Sunday, their match might end up stealing the whole show, but this is more important for Ziggler than for Cena.

Cena should not win at WWE TLC. It's not because Cena shouldn't be in the title scene, but if he did pull off the victory, it would have a negative impact on other wrestlers, specifically Ziggler.

While Cena winning this match would guarantee him a title shot, it would be for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Would he then need to be moved to the SmackDown roster?

Cena should not win at WWE TLC, but instead, be used to help get Ziggler over even more as a main event wrestler.

A Pointless Win

Cena winning at TLC would be meaningless. What would he do with a World Heavyweight Championship contract that we haven't already seen before? Would he challenge The Big Show, if he retains at TLC, to a match which we have all seen countless times now?

Cena doesn't need to win this match to be thrown back into the title scene. With how WWE works, he will be placed back into the title hunt when the time is right.

It's unlikely now that WWE would put the Heavyweight championship on Cena, because he would need to be on SmackDown more while still remaining on RAW.

As one of the companies top draws, would they hand Cena such a demanding schedule?

Cena should not win at TLC, because he simply doesn't need to win. He doesn’t need the Money in the Bank contract to be handed a title shot.

As one of the top wrestlers in the WWE, when the time is right for Cena to take another shot at the belt, he will be placed in the title scene.

If he manages to win at TLC, he would only end up hurting Ziggler’s current momentum.

Cutting Ziggler's Momentum

Ziggler, unlike Cena, needs to win this match. Cena has been feuding with Ziggler for weeks now, and they have had some pretty solid matches so far.

Ever since Ziggler walked away with the Money in The Bank briefcase, the WWE Universe has been waiting week after week to see when he would cash it in. Pay-per-views past by and Ziggler still couldn't find the chance to use his contract.

He has built up solid momentum to become a main-event star, more recently at Survivor Series when he pinned Randy Orton.

Now that he seems to be holding his own against Cena, Ziggler looks like he is on the verge of a major push.

Cena winning at TLC would take Ziggler’s momentum away.

There seems to be more riding on the line for Ziggler at TLC than Cena. If Ziggler can't walk away with the win this Sunday, not only is he going to lose his feud to Cena, but he is also going to lose his Money in The Bank contract.

Losing the contract would be a huge blow and would make WWE look like they feel Ziggler isn’t ready for a big push.

WWE needs Ziggler to become a main-event wrestler. When wrestlers like CM Punk and John Cena get injured, there is a lack of top guys who can replace them on short notice. Ziggler winning at TLC would help in adding one more wrestler to a lacking main event scene.

Cena shouldn't win because it would negatively impact Ziggler's push to be a main-event star.

Time To Move On

Cena winning at TLC could setup for two things:

Either he would face the Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship, or he goes up against Sheamus for the belt.

With plans for The Big Show possibly in the works leading up to Wrestlemania, would WWE really spend time booking and building up Cena vs. Sheamus, or even bother to put Cena in the World Heavyweight title scene?

After The Rock and CM Punk have their brawl at Royal Rumble, it’s hard to see WWE get ready for Wrestlemania and not have one of their biggest stars in a major match.

There is a possibility at Wrestlemania 29, The Rock vs. Cena II will happen, so why even bother having Cena walk away from TLC with the contract?

Let’s not forget, Cena got involved in this feud with Ziggler because of everything that happened with A.J. Now that she is going back to being crazy, if she somehow cost Cena the match on Sunday, he could move on from the horrible A.J. angle.

Honestly, does anyone even care if Cena and A.J. were really dating?

Cena should not win at WWE TLC. WWE probably has bigger plans for one of their top wrestlers heading into Wrestlemania, plans which don't revolve around the World Heavyweight Championship. 

If he loses at TLC, he can hopefully move on from his A.J. angle and Ziggler feud.


Taking Away From CM Punk

With the Royal Rumble just around the corner, it looks like CM Punk and The Rock will be facing off for the WWE championship.

While the ladder match between Ziggler and Cena is for a World Heavyweight Championship contract, WWE has ignored their own stipulations before.

If for some reason before Sunday, WWE decides to chance the contract to be for both titles, Cena winning would clearly interfere with Punk's momentum.

The focus before and leading up to the Royal Rumble and possibly even after the Rumble, needs to be ,on Punk and his title reign. It's the biggest thing going in WWE right now after all.

Will The Rock win, or will Punk hold onto the title until Wrestlemania?

Cena needs to stay away from the title scene for a little longer, and eventually, if anything, make a return around WrestleMania.

Cena winning at TLC has the potential to take some of the spotlight away from Punk, as WWE shifts focus from Punk's reign, to Cena trying to reclaim the title.

There seems to be no real benefit in Cena winning at TLC. This match between Cena and Ziggler needs to be about Ziggler getting a big push and not about Cena getting yet another title shot.


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