CM Punk-Lie Detector Test: 5 WWE Personalities Who Should Be Tested

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistDecember 10, 2012

CM Punk-Lie Detector Test: 5 WWE Personalities Who Should Be Tested

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    CM Punk was subject to a lie detector test this past week on RAW. It was a rather creative segment that ended in a rumble involving Ryback, The Shield and Miz. 

    Lie detector test segments could be a strong storyline tool moving forward.  Similar to contract signings, the lie detector test is a simple, confrontational method of advancing feuds. 

    The WWE has multiple candidates for lie detector tests given the abundance of storylines.  Strong candidates are involved in scandals or controversial storylines with a payoff in doubt. 

5. Daniel Bryan

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    A Daniel Bryan lie detector segment featuring Kane could be comedic gold.  Although Daniel Bryan and Kane seem to have put their anger issues behind them, they should make it official. 

    Dr. Shelby, who has not been featured on RAW since Sept. 24, would be an optimal host. 

    This would also be a good way to implement Bryan's use of "yes" and "no" while answering questions. 

4. CM Punk

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    The WWE never quite finished their lie detector test with CM Punk.  The test was building up to questions of Punk's alliance with The Shield and Brad Maddox.  

    The WWE's newest stable interrupted the lie detector test just as it was starting to get good.  This further hinted towards Punk's possible involvement with The Shield.  

    There is still no certainty when it comes to the nature of Punk and The Shield's relationship.  Another lie detector test would be overkill if done immediately; however, it still remains a solution. 

3. John Cena

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    The Cena-AJ scandal still has many issues left to be unresolved.  AJ Lee was adamant that Vickie Guerrero was presenting false evidence during a segment featuring voice mails with AJ's likeness. 

    However since being accused of having relations, all AJ and Cena have done is become make-out buddies.  None of Guerrero's so-called evidence has been debunked. 

    In fact, AJ and Cena's first kiss came during a segment where Guerrero brought out two individuals who claimed AJ and Cena were "very touchy feely."

    Cena and AJ should put to bed rumors of a preexisting relationship once and for all.  This can be done easily with a lie detector test. 

2. Vickie Guerrero

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    AJ and Cena should be questioned involving the legitimacy of evidence presented.  But so too should Vickie Guerrero.

    Guerrero has presented evidence from voice mails to security camera footage.  Nothing has been done to confirm or deny the accuracy of Guerrero's exhibits. 

    Vickie Guerrero would be a stronger candidate to take a lie detector test than Cena or AJ.  It is evidence submitted by her that has driven the AJ scandal. 

    A simple lie detector test with Vickie Guerrero would make for an entertaining segment, while giving fans a much-needed conclusion.

1. Paul Heyman

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    Paul Heyman is a mastermind and likely a driving force of the Shield.  Heyman is just as heavily implicated in the ongoing Shield attacks as CM Punk is. 

    Heyman may prove to be a stronger candidate to take a lie detector test because of his history of leading stables. 

    Heyman has been at the forefront of super groups like the Alliance.  It would be far from ludicrous to suggest that Heyman may be the brains behind this whole operation.