5 Changes the New York Jets Should Make in 2013

Steven Neely@@Steven_NeelyContributor IDecember 10, 2012

5 Changes the New York Jets Should Make in 2013

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    The New York Jets own a 6-7 record in the NFL after coming off a win against the Jacksonville Jaguars
    Even though the Jets have kept their slight playoff hopes alive, don't let this win against the Jaguars fool you. 

    The Jets are nowhere close to competing with the New England Patriots for the AFC East crown.  Their 49-19 Thanksgiving Day loss is the true measuring stick to where the Jets are as a team.

    Serious changes need to be made.  Here are five changes the Jets should make.

Woody Johnson Needs to Remove Mike Tannenbaum as General Manager

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    Mike Tannenbaum can certainly be placed in a different role within the New York Jets organization to make room for a new general manager to begin the process of making player and personnel changes.  That is exactly what Jets owner Woody Johnson should do.

    Tannenbaum has been with the Jets since 1997, as he was first hired as Director of Player Contract Negotiations.  He held several positions with the Jets before taking over as general manager in 2006.

    Tannenbaum hit a home run by selecting Darrelle Revis in the 2007 NFL draft.  The next 30 draft picks after Revis from 2007-2012 have produced some serviceable players, but overall, Tannenbaum has swung and missed. 

    In comparing the Jets' 2007-2012 draft history to other AFC teams such as the New England Patriots or Indianapolis Colts, you can see how Tannenbaum has kept the Jets from building on two back-to-back AFC Championship appearances in the 2009-2010 and 2010- 2011 seasons.  

    Regarding head coach Rex, Ryan, give him one more year to turn things around.

Tony Sparano Needs to Be Removed as Offensive Coordinator

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    The most alarming stat is that the Jets have been shut out in the first half on four occasions in 13 games.

    Tony Sparano has had some success in the NFL.  He went from being the tight ends coach to assistant head coach in five seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, taking over the offensive play calling in 2006 before turning over the reigns to current Dallas head coach Jason Garrett in 2007.

    The success at Dallas and the ties to Bill Parcells helped Sparano land as head coach of the Miami Dolphins, where he took over a 1-15 Dolphins team and led them to a playoff appearance the following year in 2008.

    However, Sparano was fired after week 14 in 2011.

    A new offensive coordinator is needed as Sparano has failed to implement any new wrinkles in the Jets offense as promised.

The Jets Need an Explosive Running Back

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    The New York Jets have survived this year on defense, even with the loss of cornerback Darrelle Revis, who tore his anterior crucial ligament in his left knee against the Dolphins in Week 3.

    The Jets haven't had the offensive weapons to help the defense by staying on the field, moving the chains and scoring points. The Jets are ranked 30th in total offense in the NFL ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Arizona Cardinals.  The Patriots are ranked No. 1.

    Jets running back Shonn Greene is more of a power back than an elite playmaker. Greene would be a good third-down back and could help goal-line situations if the Jets could get to the goal line, but he shouldn't be the Jets' starting running back.

    The Jets need a running back that can catch the ball out of the backfield when a checkdown is needed; they need an elusive back with speed and quickness. Joe McKnight has tried to fill this role but was unsuccessful. 

    Bilal Powell has provided some nice runs, but no one is convinced he is the answer at the moment.  He should be given the starting role to see if he can be Jets' every-down back entering the 2013 season. 

    Most NFL teams around the league have an explosive back such as Arian Foster, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles, CJ Spiller and Chris Johnson to name a few.

The New York Jets Need a Leader At Quarterback

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    The New York Jets need to decide what to do with Mark Sanchez.  It has become apparent that Sanchez is clearly not the answer at the quarterback position.  Tim Tebow should at least be given an opportunity to see if he is the guy once the Jets are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

    Sanchez is guaranteed $8.25 million in 2013.  He will more than likely be on the Jets roster unless he is traded. Even if Sanchez is traded, the return value seems to be no more than a fourth or fifth-ound draft pick if the Jets can even get that.

    The Jets should package Sanchez with a couple of other players to find a leader at quarterback. The Houston Texans made a trade with the Atlanta Falcons for Matt Schaub. The Jets seem to be in a similar position as the Texans realized that David Carr was not going to be able to live up to his draft position as a first-round draft pick.

    The Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick is available and could be a good short-term solution until the Jets can find a long-term quarterback.

    Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins rookie back-up quarterback, would be a great fit for the Jets.  He led the Redskins in a come-from-behind victory against the New York Giants in week 14.

The Jets Need a No. 1 Wide Receiver

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    Santonio Holmes is a Super Bowl Champion and MVP.  However, he is no longer the same player he once was with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Holmes will be 29 years old entering the 2013 season. He is a nice No. 2 or No. 3 wide receiver.

    The Jets are in the same situation with Holmes that they are with Sanchez, as he signed a five-year deal before the 2011 season that includes $24 million in guaranteed money.

    The Jets added Stephen Hill in the 2012 NFL Draft. While he helps stretch the field, his problem with dropped balls doesn't lead you to believe he is a No. 1 wide receiver for years to come.

    If the Jets do slip into the playoffs, it doesn't seem likely they'll get out of the first round.  In preparation for 2013, the Jets need to trade Shonn Greene, Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes. 


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