Randy Orton's Actions on Raw Have Changed Him Forever: Triple H was Well Warned

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 24, 2009

After watching what I just saw, it might prove to be quite difficult to put this into proper words. When it comes to Randy Orton, I thought I had seen it all. I've seen him do everything from punting Vince McMahon in the skull to insulting the dead, but what happened this past Monday night on Raw was something entirely different.

I tried to warn people, I really did.

Triple H's actions would bring fourth dire consequences. No longer was he dealing with just another Superstar, but this time, he became involved in a feud with the evil evolution of sports entertainment.

Randy Orton was once one of the greatest young talents in the business. Bold, cocky, and arrogant for sure, but Orton was a superstar who showcased massive promise. The business was in his blood and he was trained by wrestling's finest.

Many might have expected great things for Orton, but no one expected this.

Heels in professional wrestling are your stereotypical bad guys. They are supposed to do bad things, they are supposed to hurt people that get in their way. Randy Orton once said, "I don't just hurt people, I end their careers," and it was true. I've seen him take out legend after legend, with no remorse.

The actions that many people found despicable were light in comparison to what he did to the McMahon family.

Orton changed, people could see something different in him. His road to Wrestlemania this year included punting Vince and Shane McMahon and RKO'ing the Billion Dollar Princess.

I often described these actions as being despicable. Despicable yes, but done so as a result of instigation.

Vince McMahon insulted Orton's family and threatened his career and was punted in response. Shane McMahon returned and laid his hands on Orton first, but when he foolishly insisted that their personal war continue until someone wasn't left standing, Randy Orton made his wish come true.

Stephanie McMahon began all of this with a violent smack to the face, the consequences of her unprofessional behavior resulting in the bodies of her family being punted out of consciousness.

This week, it wasn't even the elevated DDT to Stephanie McMahon that sickened me. I'd expect nothing less from a man such as Orton in the heat of a physical confrontation.

It is what he did to Triple H that crossed the line.

He handcuffed Triple H to the rope and forced him to watch his wife's skull get planted in the mat. He was forced to watch the same man who RKO'd his wife a few weeks ago, kiss her corpse.

Randy Orton made Triple H cry. He made him beg for mercy and returned such pleas with brutality and sickening psychological torment.

This is not about the WWE Championship.

As much as I personally feel that Orton is the most deserving man in the industry to hold that belt, his actions have transcended the situation. At Wrestlemania XXV, the title might be at stake but Triple H will be facing much more.

I trace all of this back to 2004. When Randy Orton became the youngest champion in WWE history, it was Triple H who turned on him, brutalized him, and left him worthless.

Randy Orton lost his World Heavyweight Championship weeks later, and his failure to regain the title left Orton with nothing.

It took him three years to regain the title and he did so by doing what nobody else could do: he took out John Cena in his prime, and aggravated his real-life pectoral injury in the process.

When Randy Orton was awarded the title, Triple H stuck his nose in the matter and demanded a title shot right there on the spot.

Never mind the fact that he did absolutely nothing to earn it.

It wasn't Triple H who took out John Cena. Triple H was stuck in the middle of a worthless feud with Umaga at the time while Randy Orton was on track to main-event his third consecutive pay-per-view.

None the less, Triple H defeated Orton that night. Within half an hour, Triple H took away the very thing Randy Orton spent an additional three years to recapture.

Just imagine how that must have made Orton feel.

His first title reign was ended by Triple H and after spending three-years to get it back, Triple H accomplishes three years worth of effort in 15 minutes.

Orton was smart, much more so than his predecessor. He defeated Triple H later that night in a brutal Last Man Standing match.

Finally, it appeared as if Orton had finally rid himself of his biggest tormentor.

During his "Age of Orton" he took out the likes of Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, and Jeff Hardy. When Triple H stuck his nose in Orton's title picture during Wrestlemania 24, Orton simply punted him in the skull and pinned his other arch-nemesis, John Cena.

But Triple H just couldn't stop; he again became part of yet another Orton title match and defeated him in the Fatal Four Way elimination contest at Backlash 2008.

Defeating Triple H in a Last Man Standing match wasn't enough, defeating him at Wrestlemania wasn't enough; Orton had to deal with more Triple H. He lost the belt and failed to regain it at Judgement Day and One Night Stand.

At One Night Stand, Triple H took things to another level.

He broke Randy Orton's collar-bone. He could have just let the referee count to ten but decided to continue, as he hit Orton with a sledgehammer.

Randy Orton had to spend months of the sideline. Months of pain, months of watching Triple H carry his WWE Championship.

When Randy Orton returned this past September, he was a different man. Randy Orton always enjoyed hurting people but this time he did so without any hesitation.

CM Punk, Ted DiBiase, and Batista all felt Orton's wrath.

The way the McMahon's handled Orton's rage was like trying to pour gasoline on a fire to put it out. Their stupidity unleashed something that they were not capable of controlling.

The last person who should have gotten involved was Triple H.

Randy Orton brutalized men he didn't even know.

Men like Mick Foley, The Undertaker, Dusty Rhodes, and Shawn Michaels did nothing to incur Orton's wrath, but they all fell to the Legend Killer in brutal fashion.

Triple H, on the other hand, was the man to cast the first stone. Triple H turned on Randy Orton, beat the life out of Randy Orton, took Randy Orton's title, broke his collar-bone, broke into his home and traumatized his wife.

If Randy Orton was willing to do terrible things to people who never did anything to him, just imagine the kinds of things that he's willing to do to Triple H.

Triple H could have been "Cerebral," he could have left Orton alone but instead he insisted that Orton be the man to face him at Wrestlemania. Triple H insisted on continuing to do things that would only infuriate Orton.

On "Raw," Randy Orton said he was going to have to do something terrible. What Randy Orton did on "Raw" crossed the line; but in a sick way, he was right: that entire family has only themselves to blame.


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