The Most Ridiculous Tweets, Rants and Overreactions from NFL Week 14

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The Most Ridiculous Tweets, Rants and Overreactions from NFL Week 14
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NFL fans were up to their usual tricks in Week 14, and frankly, there was plenty of complaining out there in the Twitterverse.

By complaining, I mean entertaining gripes that make Twitter the best place on the Internet. 

Let's take a look.

To kick us off, Mr. Jordan Jones apparently didn't realize that the Carolina Panthers thoroughly dominated the previously 11-1 Atlanta Falcons in Week 14. 

Sure, Cam Newton's individual statistics have outweighed his team's success to begin his career, but to call the Panthers the worst team in the NFL, is, well...has he watched the Arizona Cardinals over the last two months? 

Skip Bayless, everyone's favorite ESPN analyst, sent out a tweet when Robert Griffin III went down with a knee injury against the Baltimore Ravens. 

The following response was actually more Bayless-esque than Skip's initial tweet, something I didn't think was possible:

I guess it is. 

Now, Luck may eventually be better than RG3, but "suck" and "RG3" simply can't go into the same sentence right now unless the word "doesn't" is included.

The Cleveland Browns have won three straight games, a feat for any club in the parity-filled AFC this season. 

But Matt Phillips simply didn't want the Dawg Pound be happy for Trent Richardson and Co.'s recent accomplishments. 

One of the worst organizations in sports? Sure, they haven't been relevant for a while, however, with a new owner, Brandon Weeden under center, Josh Gordon out wide, Richardson in the backfield and an underrated defense, the future actually is relatively bright in Cleveland. 

Nice try, Matt. 

The Buffalo Bills lost to the St. Louis Rams at home after leading for essentially the entire game. Typical, right? In the second half, electrifying running back C.J. Spiller received three carries. As you can probably imagine, Bills fans weren't happy with Chan Gailey's play-calling, again. 

After Fred Jackson went out with an injury, instead of getting Spiller onto the field, third-stringer Tashard Choice entered to a smattering of boos.

With a matchup north of the border against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 15, Eric Esch has an idea to keep Gailey's baffling coaching decisions at bay.

Hey, you never know. Those border patrol officers can be testy. 

Want to put the neglect of Spiller into perspective? Bucky Gleason of the Buffalo News did it wonderfully in a concise and rather shocking tweet.

Something tells me that a running back averaging more than six yards per carry should have more touches than the opposing punter.

I sincerely hope this next tweet was sarcastic. If not, then the Mayans were right, and there is no hope for the future of the human race—the faction of the human race that watches the NFL, that is. 

I don't even know where to begin, really. 

Moving on from that amazing "opinion," check this pinpoint tweet pertaining to the struggling Drew Brees.

Let's see. How about John Skelton? Ryan Lindley? Mark Sanchez? Matt Cassel? OK, I'll stop. You get the picture. 

In what is a fitting end to this article, let's hope you had a better weekend than this guy.

So his Steelers lost and his boy Manny Pacquiao got knocked out, but the ending to Lincoln probably should have been expected, no?

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