NASCAR's Greatest Drivers for Each Car Number 00-25

Jim FolsomContributorDecember 10, 2012

NASCAR's Greatest Drivers for Each Car Number 00-25

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    Here is an interesting list.

    A list of car numbers and the most memorable driver to occupy a car with that number. This will surely cause some debate as many of these numbers have had several great drivers.

    Since we are talking about a lot of numbers here, I will break this up a bit.

    Let's start with 00-25.

00 David Reutimann

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    David Reutimann has by far the best stats of anyone to drive the No. 00. This includes two wins and three poles in 140 starts.

0 Ward Burton

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    Ward Burton is the most famous name to drive the No. 0.

    Two drivers have actually won in that number though, Jim Cook and Darel Dieringer.

1 Donnie Allison

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    Who can forget the No. 1 Hawaiian Tropic car driven by Donnie Allison getting together with Cale Yarborough on the backstretch of the 1979 Daytona 500? It was the first fight to be aired live on the first broadcast of a NASCAR race.

01 Mark Martin

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    One of the most exciting Daytona 500s ever was Kevin Harvick edging out Mark Martin while Martin was in the 01 US Army car a few years back.

    Joe Nemechek gets an honorable mention with a win in the 01.

2 Rusty Wallace

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    Some great drivers have run the 2 car, but none had the numbers that Rusty Wallace had. He won 37 races in the 2.

    Brad Keselowski is tied with Kurt Busch for second with eight, Bobby Allison is fourth with seven and Dale Earnhardt had six wins.

3 Dale Earnhardt

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    No brainer.

    Maybe the most iconic driver and number combo of them all, Earnhardt won 67 races in the No. 3 car.

4 Sterling Marlin

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    There is a driver with 26 wins in the No. 4, Rex White.

    But winning two Daytona 500s in a row trumps that.

5 Terry Labonte

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    A lot of great drivers have driven the No. 5 car including Kyle Busch, Mark Martin, Kasey Kahne, Geoff Bodine and Neil Bonnett.

    But Terry Labonte won 12 races and two championships in the car, so he gets the nod.

6 Mark Martin

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    Mark Martin had most of his success driving the No. 6 for Jack Roush. He had 35 wins in the car.

7 Alan Kulwicki

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    Alan Kulwicki's career came to an abrupt end when he died in a plane crash during the 1993 season. He died as the reigning champion.

8 Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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    Dale Jr. had 17 wins in the No. 8 car.

    Joe Weatherly had 20 wins in 110 races.

    This was a tough call, but I have to go with Dale Jr. When you think No. 8, he is he one who first comes to mind.

9 Bill Elliott

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    Bill Elliott was a force in the No. 9 car in the 1980s. He won 38 races, including two Daytona 500s in the car.

    Kasey Kahne had some success in the No. 9 car as well.

10 Ricky Rudd

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    Rudd won six times in the No. 10.

    Close was Derrike Cope, who won a Daytona 500 driving a No. 10 car.

11 Darrell Waltrip

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    This was a tough call. Lots of great drivers have put up some numbers in the No. 11 car.

    Ned Jarrett and Cale Yarborough both have more wins in the No. 11 than DW had. But both also ran more races in the No. 11 than Waltrip did.

    When Waltrip was in the No. 11, he was a threat to win every week.

12 Bobby Allison

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    Bobby Allison won 25 races in 170 starts in the No. 12 car, including edging his son Davey in the 1988 Daytona 500.

13 Robby Gordon

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    Robby Gordon had a Top Five and a Top 10 in 17 races driving the supposedly unlucky No. 13.

14 Tony Stewart

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    Tony Stewart is tied with Fonty Flock with 14 wins in the No. 14 car. But he's just getting started.

15 Michael Waltrip

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    This is another tough call because Bobby Allison had some success in the No. 15, including a Daytona 500 win.

    But Mikey won two of them and also won a Daytona July race in the No. 15 car.

16 Greg Biffle

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    Biffle is miles ahead of the competition for the No. 16 car's greatest driver. He has 18 wins in that number. His closest competitor has five.

17 Matt Kenseth

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    Another tough call.

    David Pearson won 30 races in the No. 17, and Darrell Waltrip won 15 including his only Daytona 500.

    But Kenseth has two Daytona 500 wins in the number among his 24 wins.

18 Kyle Busch

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    You may not like him, but Kyle Busch is a great driver. He needs only one more win to tie Bobby Labonte for the most wins in the No. 18, and that won't take long.

20 Tony Stewart

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    Tony Stewart had 33 wins driving the No. 20 for coach Joe Gibbs. There really is no other competition.

21 David Pearson

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    The Silver Fox won 43 times in the No. 21 car. Cale Yarborough is second with 13.

22 Fireball Roberts

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    Glenn "Fireball" Roberts was the "Dale Earnhardt" of his day. His career was also tragically cut short when he was killed in a racing accident. He won 30 races in 151 starts in the No. 22 car.

24 Jeff Gordon

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    No brainer number two.

    Four championships and 87 wins in the No. 24.

    Guess how many all the others who've driven number 24 have? Zero.

    Oddly enough, the second most successful No. 24 driver was Cecil Gordon, who had 27 top fives in 373 career starts in the No. 24 car.

25 Tim Richmond

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    Tim Richmond was another driver taken from us too soon. He won nine times in only 37 starts in the No. 25 car.