AJ Lee's 7 Biggest Moments in WWE

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIDecember 13, 2012

AJ Lee's 7 Biggest Moments in WWE

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    AJ Lee has made a bigger impact in the WWE than any Diva in recent memory.

    A year ago, she was an overlooked performer who hadn't done much of note in the company. But today, she's one of the biggest names in the business, male or female.

    If 2011 was the "Year of Punk," then 2012 might very end up being known as the "Year of AJ."

    She's been a consistent presence in some of the WWE's biggest angles of the year, and at times, she was smack dab in the middle of them.

    While no one would ever expect a 5-foot-nothing, 100-pound Diva to take the wrestling world by storm, that's exactly what AJ has done over the last year or so.

    Here's a look at the 7 biggest moments of what's quickly turning into a very memorable career for AJ Lee.

7. Run over by Big Show

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    Before AJ Lee was the star she is today, she found herself working in a supporting role as Daniel Bryan's girlfriend.

    It was during Bryan's World Heavyweight Championship feud with The Big Show that AJ first found herself thrust into the middle of a main event-caliber angle.

    Back in January, Bryan was facing Big Show in a SmackDown main event when the match spilled outside the ring and Show accidentally ran over AJ, destroying her in the process.

    While maybe not the most memorable moment in AJ's career, this was indeed the moment that got the ball rolling on her ascension to superstardom.

    It was AJ getting trucked by The Big Show that turned her into one of the most sympathetic characters in the WWE and ignited her lengthy involvement in the WWE's biggest angles.

    If AJ had never been inadvertently mauled by Big Show, who knows if she ever would have evolved into the star she's become.

6. The Breakup

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    AJ Lee's involvement with Daniel Bryan throughout the first half of 2012 led to plenty of intriguing happenings on both Raw and SmackDown.

    Perhaps the most memorable SmackDown moment between the two came after Bryan had lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Sheamus at WrestleMania 28.

    An incensed Bryan put the blame for his loss solely on the shoulders of AJ, and as a result, dumped the Diva who had stood by his side for so long.

    It was "the breakup" that helped Bryan and AJ begin to truly emerge as major stars and would set the wheels in motion for all the crazy happenings between the two this summer.

    AJ delivered some very good performances on the mic during her on-and-off relationship with Bryan, and the breakup promo was one of the best.

    Needless to say, thousands of guys across the world would have gladly consoled her afterward.

5. The Kiss That Started It All

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    WrestleMania 28 kicked off with Daniel Bryan defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus, and who knew that this match would end up being so historic?

    Bryan wound up losing the match in just 18 seconds after a kiss from AJ distracted him and allowed Sheamus to hit him with a Brogue Kick, setting the record for the shortest World Heavyweight title match ever in the process.

    Although we wouldn't know it then, the electric Miami crowd helped ignite the flame of what would be a fantastic summer run for Bryan and, perhaps by default, AJ as well.

    Up to this point, the WrestleMania kiss that doomed Bryan was the biggest moment of AJ's career, one that led to the infamous breakup and a number of other unforgettable moments.

    It's hard to believe that an 18-second match that featured just one kiss and one move was such a hot topic throughout the year, but that's exactly what happened.

4. All the Kisses

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    There was John Cena (in the video above), then Cena again.

    There was Kane

    There was Daniel Bryan.

    There was also was the infamous "double kiss," where AJ planted one on Bryan, only to turn around and do the same to CM Punk.

    Needless to say, AJ has done a lot of kissing over the course of 2012, and just about every single one of those kisses was treated as a monumental moment.

3. The Push

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    When Daniel Bryan and CM Punk were feuding over the WWE Championship, they faced off in the main event of a summer episode of Monday Night Raw .

    During their match, AJ skipped down to the ring, hoping to get noticed by Punk and/or Bryan. Being that both stars were competing in a big match, however, neither paid her any attention.

    As you might imagine, AJ lost it.

    After teasing that she would purposely crash herself through a table, she instead kissed Punk and pushed him off the turnbuckle. This sent Punk crashing through both Bryan and the table, who was stretched out on top of it.

    Of all the crazy things that AJ has done this year, this was perhaps the craziest.

    She didn't get the attention she wanted, and she was going to make sure she did.

2. Main Event Mixed Tag Team Match on Raw

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    It's an extremely rare occurrence to see a Diva compete in the main event of the WWE's flagship show, Monday Night Raw.

    But on July 9, 2012, that's exactly what AJ Lee did.

    She and CM Punk teamed up to take on Daniel Bryan and Eve Torres in Raw's main event, marking the first time in years that a match involving Divas closed the show.

    At the height of her popularity this summer, AJ had grown accustomed to appearing in Raw's biggest segments, including the main-event ones. But she had never actually wrestled in a Raw main event until that night.

    It certainly says a lot about how over AJ was (and still is) that WWE officials had enough confidence to put her in Raw's main event when that almost never happens.

    Odds are that we won't see that happen again for a very long time.

1. The Wedding

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    One of the main attractions of the historic 1,000th episode of Raw was supposed to be the wedding of Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee.

    As we all know, though, the wedding never actually took place.

    It was interrupted by Vince McMahon, who instead revealed that AJ was the new General Manager of Raw. For some reason that was never really explained, that resulted in AJ leaving Bryan at the altar.

    Why couldn't she have just done both? We never really found out.

    But either way, it was on this night that AJ was front and center in front of one of the WWE's biggest TV audiences in recent memory.

    She appeared in one of the show's biggest segments, and of course, had a career-defining moment on arguably Raw's most-promoted episode ever.

    Although AJ's run as GM may not have went all that well, she can still feel good about herself knowing that she played such a pivotal role on such an historic show.


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