Ravens vs. Redskins: Washington's Biggest Winners and Losers from Week 14

Korey Beckett@@KoreyBeckettBRContributor IIIApril 3, 2017

Ravens vs. Redskins: Washington's Biggest Winners and Losers from Week 14

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    Hopefully your pulse has come back down to a normal rate after Washington's 31-28 overtime win against Baltimore.

    Through almost all of the fourth quarter and OT, there was plenty to be nervous about. Quite frankly, there is still plenty to be nervous about.

    The Redskins may have won the game, but it may have come at a terrible price as Robert Griffin III exited in the fourth quarter with a knee sprain on a scramble.

    Yet the Redskins, behind Kirk Cousins, persevered and came away with a huge win just moments after Dallas defeated the Bengals on the road with a last-second field goal.

    In a game like this, there is plenty to take away, both good and bad. So here are the winners and losers from today's game.

Winner: Richard Crawford

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    Whoever would have thought that one of the primary heroes for the Redskins would be Richard Crawford?

    In his first start as the punt returner for the Redskins, Crawford was beyond impressive. On his first three returns, he had returns of 20 yards, 16 yards and a fair catch.

    The fourth return, though, is what sealed the game for the Redskins.

    After the Ravens went three-and-out on their first (and only) overtime possession, punter Sam Koch booted the ball 56 yards all the way down to the Washington 12.

    From there, Crawford made the grab and sprinted downfield and was finally stopped after a 64-yard gain, but with the Redskins at the Ravens' 24-yard line, it was all but over from there.

    With Brandon Banks's abilities as a returner in question this season, Crawford filled the void almost flawlessly, and we expect to see him as the regular punt returner through the remainder of the season.

Loser: DeAngelo Hall

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    If there's one player that draws the ire of Redskins fans in the comment section on Bleacher Report articles, it's DeAngelo Hall.

    Today, he proved to be worthy of some of that venom with a grotesque inability to cover deep passes in the first half of the game.

    After getting lit up twice for long touchdowns, it seemed that the Redskins were going to lose no matter how many points they scored.

    It wasn't just Hall—the entire secondary caused Psoriasis around the D.C. metro area with fans scratching their heads repeatedly trying to figure out why Joe Flacco was able to pump the ball downfield.

    Hall, though, was the focal point of the secondary, and it does raise concern for the Redskins as they prepare for a final playoff push over the next three weeks.

Winner: Kai Forbath

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    Another week, another perfect game for Kai Forbath.

    He hit long ones, he hit short ones, he was clutch at the end.

    You couldn't ask for anything (literally, he hasn't missed yet) more out of your kicker and he has proved to be a valuable asset that the Redskins can depend on.

    Graham Gano and Shaun Suisham had good games for the Panthers and Steelers, respectively, but you won't find a Redskins fan that would replace Forbath if their first-born child was on the line.

    It has been that long since the Redskins had a consistent kicker.

Loser: Pass Protection

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    In the first half, the pass protection was actually pretty good.

    However, in the second half, it seemed like Robert Griffin III was under duress on just about every play.

    The offensive line allowed three sacks in the second half and put the Redskins into difficult 3rd-and-long situations.

    The RGIII injury is not directly their fault as he scrambled past the line of scrimmage, but you have to imagine that he wouldn't have had to tuck and run if there was a pocket around him to begin with.

    We've seen the offensive line do this all season—play well for one half and terribly for the other. They will have to be more consistent if the Redskins are to have a shot at the playoffs.

Winner: Kirk Cousins

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    When RGIII left the game for a second time on his injured knee, I could basically hear the sobs of Redskins fans from hundreds of miles away.

    Kirk Cousins, who threw two late interceptions in his previous duty against Atlanta, came up big at the end.

    With the Redskins down by eight with less than a minute left, Cousins connected with Pierre Garcon for an 11-yard touchdown and then ran in a two-point conversion to tie the game up.

    He didn't have to do anything in overtime beside turn around and hand the ball to Alfred Morris a couple of times, but the clutch plays at the end of regulation are something that Redskins fans are certain to not forget anytime soon.

    It will be interesting to see if he gets the start next week, and how the Redskins will design their game plan if he does. He obviously brings a different style than Griffin, but he appears poised and ready if needed.

Loser: Robert Griffin III

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    With less than five minutes remaining in the game and the Redskins attempting to tie the score, Robert Griffin III took off on a 13-yard scramble and took a vicious hit that knocked him out of the game.

    He came back and made a nice throw, but then left for a second time.

    It's unsure how long he will be out. We've been told he suffered a sprained knee, but we will find out for sure in the next couple days.

    Regardless, it doesn't look good. Everyone has said that RGIII needs to learn how to get on the turf quicker to avoid injuries, and everyone would be right.

    Here is the update on RGIII's injury.

Winner: Alfred Morris

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    Typically, a rookie that loses a fumble keeps his head down and gets walloped the rest of the game.

    Not Morris, though.

    In two consecutive weeks, he has lost a fumble that has drained momentum for the Redskins but has rebounded to get the momentum back for the Redskins.

    He went over 100 yards on the ground for a third consecutive week and finished with a total of 122 yards and touchdown.

    It's amazing how consistent Morris has been. You don't see rookie running backs with this kind of durability very ofter, and he remains in the top four in rushing, just six yards behind fellow rookie Doug Martin.

Loser: Niles Paul

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    Zero catches and no returns past the 20-yard line are not what most would consider a good day for a starting tight end/kick returner.

    Add in the fact that he had a fumble that would have lost the game for the Redskins had Baltimore been able to secure the ball in-bounds, and it's clear that he is not the playmaker that Mike Shanahan had been hoping he would be.

    Perhaps his poor performance paired with Richard Crawford's great day as a punt returner will open the door for Crawford to see some time as a kickoff returner as well.

Winner: Pierre Garcon

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    The Redskins are now 6-1 with Pierre Garcon in the lineup compared to 1-5 without him.

    He was the leading receiver again for the Redskins with 87 yards and a touchdown that set up the game-tying two point conversion.

    Just imagine if RGIII and Garcon can have an entire season together where they don't get injured a single time.

    How glorious would that be?

Loser: Rush Defense

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    Washington's run defense, which had come into the game ranking No. 4 in the NFL, was gashed by Ray Rice and the Ravens offense.

    Baltimore was able to collect 186 yards via the rush (121 from Rice) and averaged 5.3 yards per carry.

    It's apparent that the defense needs some work. It's been apparent throughout the entire season, and they have just a couple of weeks left to get it right.


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