Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals: Previews and Predictions

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistDecember 10, 2012

You may wonder why anyone but the most ardent fan might have any interest in a game between two teams playing out the string.

However, when you have Matt Stafford going up against Patrick Peterson, that alone is worth the price of admission.

The Cardinals may not have much going for them these days, but a solid defense and a potent secondary is one thing they can lay claim to. Peterson is one of the best and his sole focus will be on Calvin Johnson, who is pretty much the last man standing for the Lions at wide receiver.

The Lions and Stafford will do all they can to get Johnson away from Peterson, so expect someone else to have to step up for Arizona as well. Johnson is nearly impossible to stop, so Peterson and company will have to work hard to contain him at least.

Another interesting storyline is what happens to the coaches. Are either of them coaching to keep their jobs?

On the one hand you have Jim Schwartz, who has had some issues both in play-calling and control. This is one of the most penalized teams again this year and players are having a hard time controlling themselves both on and off the field.

Yeah he just signed an extension, but they don't call this the Not For Long league for nothing.

Meanwhile, Ken Whisenhunt is desperately trying to find an answer at quarterback and trust us—he leaves no stone unturned. It could be he might start placing ads on Craigslist and to find an answer—or maybe to find another job.

Whose seat is hotter?

Josh Zerkle, Aaron Nagler and I answer that and many other questions in this video.

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