10 Holes Every BCS Team Must Fill This Offseason

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2012

10 Holes Every BCS Team Must Fill This Offseason

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    With the BCS bowl games still to come, it is never too early to talk about what the BCS teams will have to do in the offseason to get ready for 2013.

    For a lot of teams, the most important aspect of the year is the offseason. It is a chance for recruiting and hiring to take place.

    It is also an opportunity for players to improve before the season begins.

    While some teams have more to work on than others, here are 10 holes the BCS teams will have to fill before the season begins.

Replacing Lost Starters

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    There is not a BCS team who will return all of its starters. So the most important part of the offseason will be finding players who are ready to replace the departed seniors.

    Some teams are certainly going to have more work to do in that department than others.

    For all of these head coaches, finding replacements has already started with bowl season now underway.

    Some teams will definitely have more players to replace than others, but everybody will have to find new starters somewhere on the field.

Finding New Leaders

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    It is one thing to have to replace starters, but finding new leaders on both sides of the ball is also something that many of these BCS teams will have to do.

    Whether it is a departed senior or a junior leaving early for the NFL draft, veteran leadership is not always easy to come by.

    Some coaches certainly already have players in mind who appear ready to step up, so this might not be as big of an issue for some as it is for others.

    Names like Collin Klein and Manti Te'o come to mind immediately.

Replacing a Head Coach

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    With so much movement in the head coaching world, this year is no different than any other.

    Still, there are a lot of coaching changes happening right now, and in some shape or form, it has even happened to BCS caliber teams.

    Bret Bielema has moved on to Arkansas, leaving Wisconsin without a head coach. Northern Illinois also lost its head coach when Dave Doeren bolted for the North Carolina State job.

Filling the Roster with Top Notch Recruits

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    With graduation, players leaving early and transfers, there is always a high turnover on every college football team.

    The most important part for a lot of these universities is the offseason. This is the time when most of the recruiting is done.

    Head coaches will travel from coast to coast in order to fill holes for the program years down the road.

    Good thing for the coaches from these teams is recruiting is made a little easier with the success on the field.

Putting the Right Players in the Right Positions

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    Recruiting and getting the proper players on the roster is one thing, but finding the right spot for them is a whole different animal.

    Every BCS team must find a way to get the best talent on the field at the right positions. 

    There are dozens of recruits coming in just about every season and only a few of them will be able to contribute immediately.

    If they are placed at the proper position, these recruits can excel immediately for their teams.

Finding a Replacement for Those Injured Players

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    Every team has injuries to deal with on a consistent basis, but some have been hit by the injury bug a little more than others.

    South Carolina is one team that comes to mind.

    The Gamecocks are going to have to find a way to replace running back Marcus Lattimore for the entire 2013 season.

    So far, they have done a pretty good job of it.

Juniors Who Declare Early for the NFL Draft

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    Some teams can be crippled by teams leaving early for the NFL draft. It looks like that is not going to be any different in 2013.

    Teams like LSU and Alabama might be hit harder than a lot of other schools.

    With all the junior talent on the defensive side of the ball for LSU, they could lose a lot of people early to the NFL draft.

    There are plenty of other BCS teams who will also be replacing starters leaving early for the next level.

The All-Important Quarterback Position

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    There is no question that the most important position on the field is quarterback.

    A solid quarterback will go a long way toward making a coaches life easier.

    This season, there are going to be plenty of teams who need to replace a quarterback. Among the biggest names on the list are Collin Klein, Landry Jones, Geno Smith, Matt Barkley and Tyler Wilson.

    Things are not going to be easy for these teams in 2013.

The Big Men Up Front

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    College football games are won up front at the line of scrimmage. Some teams have made a living off of it. One of those teams is Notre Dame.

    Where Notre Dame dominates the game is up front on both sides of the ball.

    The offensive and defensive lines have been excellent all season. In 2013, Notre Dame will have to replace four starters along the offensive line.

    That group has been a big reason for the success of the Fighting Irish and will be sorely missed in 2013.

Developing Talent

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    The development of talent is a big deal for any team, but some teams have enough talent that it might not be long until they rise to the top.

    One of those teams is Florida.

    There is already plenty on the defensive side of the ball and if quarterback Jeff Driskel can continue to grow, this could be the best team in the country as early as next season.

    Head coach Will Muschamp might have the most talent in the country if he can develop it correctly.