BCS Championship 2013: Why Notre Dame Is Basically an SEC Team

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIDecember 9, 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 24:  Quarterback Everett Golson #5 of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish carries the ball against the USC Trojans at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on November 24, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Notre Dame has what it takes to dethrone the SEC because the Irish play the same brand of football.

This is starting to feel like an epic drama. Hear this one out. It's as if the SEC has become this evil entity that has dominated the landscape of an entire sport. 

Everyone outside of the SEC either already hates the conference or is going to because of the league's constant national championship victories. Everyone hates a winner, just ask the New York Yankees. 

So fans outside of the SEC are looking for a contender to take that championship away from the all-powerful SEC. Notre Dame is the team up for the challenge this year, and really, the Irish are a legit threat because of their style of play. 

Just picture this. In a fantasy world scripted somewhere in Hollywood, the SEC meets up with Notre Dame right before the big showdown.

A conversation would probably loom as such, "You're not so different you and I." Those Hollywood writers are a crafty bunch, eh?

And while this is all done in good humor, that's kind of what the conversations between Brian Kelly and Nick Saban have been like thus far. Both have great admiration for the way each other plays football because it's relatively the same.

But can Notre Dame out-Alabama Alabama?  

Think about it for a second; if a team outside of the SEC is going to beat the SEC, it has to come up with a similar formula for success. Power obviously doesn't work—see Ohio State vs. LSU and Florida. Speed came close, but it still failed when Oregon lost to Auburn in 2010.  

You need to find that balance of both, and Notre Dame has it. It takes an outstanding defense, a powerful rushing attack and the ability to complete deep passes to beat the SEC in the national championship game. You've got to out-SEC the SEC, if you will. 

Who's more equipped to do so than Notre Dame? The Irish have a strong defense, vicious running game and Everett Golson is better than people give him credit for. Heck, the Irish have ugly victories, and if any conference knows about ugly victories it's the SEC.

But hey, it leads to success, and Notre Dame's undefeated season can speak for itself. 

The Irish are just as similar off the field as they are on the field though. Notre Dame has a great tradition that can attract solid recruiting classes, and if you're a college football fan, you know how prestigious the name Notre Dame is. The same can be said about Alabama.

So in the end, this could be viewed as another all-SEC matchup. The rest of the nation's worst nightmare just came to life. Oh Hollywood, you and your twists!

Will Notre Dame be the team to end the SEC's six straight national championships' streak? You know how Hollywood loves to root for the underdog.