Marquez Thrilled with Victory, Arum Says Lets Go for Five at Post-Fight Presser

Kevin McRae@@McRaeWritesFeatured ColumnistDecember 8, 2012

Will it be a repeat for Pacquiao or revenge for Marquez?
Will it be a repeat for Pacquiao or revenge for Marquez?USA TODAY Sports

Juan Manuel Marquez said he was happy he didn't retire and instead sought out one more match with his long-time rival Manny Pacquiao

After-all—fourth time's a charm? 

For Marquez it was, as he landed an absolute missile dead-on Pacquiao's jaw and at point-blank range to end the fight and possibly the career of the man they call "Pac-Man."

At the post-fight presser Marquez was non-committal about his future, indicating that right now he just wants to enjoy the victory and take some time to rest. 

It was reported during the press conference that he'll need this time to recover from a broken nose and a possible concussion. 

Manny Pacquiao on the other hand did not attend the post-fight festivities as he was taken to a local hospital for a precautionary cat-scan.

His trainer Freddie Roach on the other hand did field several questions, many of which were about Pacquiao's future plans and possible retirement.

The response: "We'll see," and Roach indicated he'd like to see Pacquiao in the gym first to assess whether he's declined.

Roach was effusive in his praise for Marquez, seeming particularly impressed that he was able to overcome the adversity he faced:

"I was a little surprised he could pull that off seeing how hurt he was."

With both fighter's future's up in the air one thing is certainly not off the table—round five anyone?

"This fight will go down in history as a ring classic. If they wanna fight again, why not," were the words of Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum. 

In boxing nothing is impossible. We saw that for sure tonight. But will the public buy a fifth fight?

With all the drama surrounding this fight, and the emotion of the ending, it would seem all but a guarantee.