Backstage Dislike for Cena, Sting to WWE and More from the Mailbag

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistDecember 8, 2012

Backstage Dislike for Cena, Sting to WWE and More from the Mailbag

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    Every week I will open up the Twitter mailbag.

    Send me your questions or thoughts that you would like me to comment on throughout the week and I will do my best to get to them on one of my upcoming Bleacher Report mailbag installments.

    Simply tweet me @JustinLaBar and put "#BR" at the end of the question so that I know you would like it answered in this weekly feature!

    Here we go!

Where Does Kane Rank Among Big Men?

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    @JustinLaBar with Kanes milestone coming up, where does he rank in all time big men? #BR

    I think Kane has had a phenomenal career and certainly is one of the best. Not only for his athleticism as a big man, but how he can take care of someone in the ring and in a feud. Kane also is one of the most intelligent people, with a high IQ about anything in the wrestling business.

    I don't know where he will get ranked in terms of big men, hopefully respectfully toward the top. I'm more concerned, I think Kane's character should play a high ranking somewhere on a list. Sure, the character has evolved over the years and been humanized/watered down in some ways. However, when he debuted, never seen anything more compelling with that kind of back story.

    The fact he's kept the character around for so long, remained healthy and relevant in many regards―big accomplishments.

Why Doesn't WWE Use Stipulation Matches on Raw Anymore?

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    @JustinLaBar Why WWE don't use "stipulations" match on RAW anymore specifically with the 3H format? #BR

    Too many of their pay-per-views are based around gimmick stipulations. Hell in a Cell, TLC, Survivor Series, Money in the Bank, Extreme Rules. Doing gimmick or stipulation matches on free television will take away from whatever prestige the pay-per-view themes still have.

Sting to WWE?

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    @JustinLaBar In your opinion. What are the chances of the WWE signing Sting away from TNA at the end of the year? #BR

    I stand by this, before Sting is completely done with wrestling―he will wrestle at least once for WWE at a WrestleMania. If its not this year, soon enough, it will happen.

Did Nexus Chants Bring Us the Shield?

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    @JustinLaBar do you think the Shields inception was helped by the 'we want Nexus' chants at RAW during a match between Gabriel/Barrett #BR

    I don't think I could believe that the chants were the sole determining factor. I do think that the chant further enforce the fact that for the most part wrestling factions comprised of new, young talent do get over with the audience if the group is presented as a serious threat.

    The only group that was huge and not based on new talent bonding together is the New World Order.

    DX was so much of fresh faces other than Shawn Michaels originally. Evolution was half based on brand new talent of the future. Nation of Domination introduced and groomed so many new stars. Legacy, again two thirds of the group introducing new talent.

    Nexus was no different and got over for a good amount of time before the group started being split up and lineup changed.

    I have a feeling WWE already had some scraps of plans to stick Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns together in this new faction. Chants for the Nexus may have just reminded WWE how successful it was for a time to develop these new guys.

Is Cena Disliked by Other Wrestlers?

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    @JustinLaBar Is John Cena as disliked by other wrestlers (quietly) as it appears?#BR

    I think Cena is in the same position any other star of anything else. The top guy in anything always has other resenting him whether he deserves it or not. There are some who don't resent the top guy because they are big enough deals themselves, or get some direct positive effect from the top guys star power.

    Translation for the Cena situation: Wrestlers who are high enough up on the card or those who Cena personally likes and treats well―no issues with the WWE poster boy.

    Those who aren't high up on card or who don't have a buddy buddy relationship with Cena―going to have issues with Cena.

    Now it could be Cena doesn't like them because he does find them a threat for the future and he is protective to a point of his spot. It could be the two generally don't get a long because they are two different types of people.

    There are so many factors. I'm sure Cena is like any other top guy. He has his moments and aspects of his personality that he will do what he has to do. He got to the top of a cut throat business and company. He knows how to play the political game. He might not want politics to be what his image is about or what defines him. However, when he needs to, he knows how to do it.

    Feelings in the locker room on Cena depends on where you're hanging out at in the locker room.