Cardinals vs. Seahawks: Live Game Grades, Analysis for Arizona

Andrew Nordmeier@@AndrewNordmeierContributor IIIDecember 9, 2012

Cardinals vs. Seahawks: Live Game Grades, Analysis for Arizona

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    The Arizona Cardinals were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs with their 58-0 thumping by the Seattle Seahawks at Century Link Field in Seattle. 

    Arizona committed eight turnovers in the loss and had just 10 first downs for the game. The Cards were limited to 154 yards of offense as they dropped their ninth straight game to sink to 4-9.

    John Skelton threw four interceptions and fumbled twice, losing one, before yielding to Ryan Lindley in the middle of the third quarter. Cornerback Richard Sherman made two of those interceptions and recovered a fumble for Seattle. Sherman also ran one of those interceptions back for a touchdown. 

    Patrick Peterson lost a pair of fumbles on punt returns that gave Seattle short fields to work with. 

    Seattle (8-5) improved to 6-0 at home and continued to keep pace with the San Francisco 49ers for the top spot in the NFC West with the win. The 58 points are the most points scored in a single game in franchise history. 

    Marshawn Lynch scored three touchdowns on 11 carries and picked up 128 yards. Robert Turbin had 20 carries for 108 yards in the win. 

    Arizona hosts Detroit next week but the bigger question is how will this embarrassing result potentially shake up the coaching staff? Could this drubbing force the hand of ownership to make changes now? 

Quarterback John Skelton

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    Cumulative Game Grade: F

    4th Quarter F

    The Arizona quarterbacks combined to go 15-of-31 for 100 yards with Skelton tossing four interceptions. Skelton also fumbled twice and lost one of them to make this an easy grade to give. 

    3rd Quarter F

    Skelton got pulled for Ryan Lindley in the third quarter after throwing his fourth interception of the game. Lindley didn't fare much better completing just 2-of-3 passes for 24 yards. 

    2nd Quarter F

    Skelton hasn't been able to get anything going from the quarterback position. He's 11-of-21 for 65 yards at the half and has thrown three interceptions. Seattle has cashed those interceptions in for touchdowns. 

    1st Quarter C-

    Skelton hit half of his passes and was picked off which resulted in the first score of the game for Seattle. Skelton needs to make his reads and work on getting the ball out quicker. 

Cardinals Offense

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    Cumulative Game Grade: F

    4th Quarter F

    The offense had eight first downs and 143 yards of offense for the game. No Cardinal had more offensive yards than Andre Roberts' 36 yard-output on three catches. Larry Fitzgerald recorded one catch for two yards in the fourth quarter to keep his streak going at 130 games in a row with a catch. 

    3rd quarter: F

    It's bad enough when the defense is getting throttled to the tune of 51 points but the offense has done nothing to even put a cosmetic score on the board in this one. The Cardinals have 134 total yards of offense; Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch has 128 and was benched early in the quarter.

    2nd quarter: F

    The Cardinals' offense has gone nowhere in the quarter. The team has a total of 94 yards of offense in the half and committed a total of six turnovers. The ground game has picked up just 29 yards on nine carries. 

    Rob Housler leads all players with four catches for 22 yards in the half. Larry Fitzgerald has no catches in the half. 

    1st quarter: D

    The offense failed to get anything going in the first quarter and was stymied on third downs as they failed to convert on any of their three attempts in the quarter. The running game didn't produce much and Beanie Wells has been a non-factor. 

Cardinals Defense

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    Cumulative Game Grade: F

    4th quarter: F

    Arizona allowed its fewest points of any quarter in the game with seven in the final quarter. Of course, when they already allowed 51 through three quarters, this score was just cosmetic. Arizona allowed Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin to each rush for more than 100 yards while tight end Anthony McCoy racked up 105 yards receiving. 

    3rd quarter: F

    The Cardinals improved (?) by allowing only 13 points that quarter. That's the only positive thing we can find here.

    2nd quarter: F

    The only good thing to happen to Arizona in the second quarter was halftime. Seattle put up 28 points and did it with a rushing touchdown, passing touchdown, interception return and fumble return. Arizona's six turnovers have exhausted the defense physically, mentally and emotionally. 

    1st quarter  C-

    The defense was playing okay holding Seattle to a field goal on its first series but yielded a touchdown and a big play at the end of the quarter. Seattle was set up with great field position to start the second quarter. Unless the Cardinals can stiffen defensively, this sets up to be a long day for the defense. 

Cardinals Special Teams

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    Cumulative Game Grade: F

    4th quarter F

    The Cardinals averaged 22.2 yards per kick return in this game but they got more offense from the return game (200 yards) than the offense generated (143 yards). It's still hard to overlook the fumbles earlier. 

    3rd quarter: F+

    The only reason for the plus here is that they didn't allow a touchdown on special teams this quarter.

    2nd quarter: F

    Patrick Peterson fumbled on two punt returns. One was run back for a touchdown and the other was cashed in for a score on the last offensive play of the half. 

    LaRod Stephens-Howling and William Powell are averaging about 20 yards per kick return but are having no impact that can put a dent into the overall team performance. 

    1st quarter  C+

    Dave Zastudil did the best he could to pin the Seahawks deep in the first quarter. The punt and kick return game failed to get any opportunities to get things going. 

Cardinals Coaching

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    Cumulative Game Grade: F

    4th quarter F

    The Cardinals' coaching staff failed today. The offense did nothing and the defense gave up 51 points. The calls for Ken Whisenhunt to be fired at the end of the season got amplified in this game. The only question that seemingly exists is whether or not the Cardinals wait until the end of the season to make changes or if this loss was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. 

    3rd quarter: F

    The only positive that can be found was that Lindley was put in to get some reps in mop-up duty. Unfortunately, the move was about two quarters too late as the Cardinals were getting swabbed all over the deck all day long. It wouldn't matter what kinds of coaching is done in this quarter when you find yourself down 51 points with a quarter to go. 

    2nd quarter: F

    The coaching staff's decision to send Peterson back out to return another kick after fumbling one away was poor. The defense is getting picked apart and receivers are being left open all over the field. The passing game has been non-existent and the play calling isn't favoring the run to even give the defense a chance to catch its breath. 

    1st quarter D

    The coaching staff hasn't made many good calls and the third down plays were not very effective. Going to a hurry up offense only seemed to get the ball in the Seahawks hands faster.