College Player Dunks from Free-Throw Line, Horrible Call Outshines Sick Slam

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 7, 2012

This slam dunk from the free-throw line could have been sweet perfection if it weren't for the referee who called a charge instead of basking in the excellence like the rest of us. 

This video (h/t Deadspin) features Jacksonville College's Daniel Skinner who gets the ball on a break and manages to be called for a charge. 

Well, that's the lame-sauce account of what happened.

On paper, this play is nothing more than a violation but becomes remarkable when you watch it for the first time, and more so in slow motion (thankfully there is that version to consider in the same video).

The basketball player was in a game against Tyler Junior College and took off from the free-throw line. On second viewing, I noticed his foot was over the line. 


This is still a sick dunk that had his opponent backpedaling the entire play. Which brings me to the most important aspect of this video, the horrible call. 

The TJC player was never set and looked far more interested in dancing his way to the ground than sticking in place. 

Not that I would dream of taking a charge when this kid is soaring through the air. 

So it may not be an official dunk but it's still a ridiculous slam in our book, and our books are the only ones that matter when it comes to entertainment. 

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