UFC on Fox 5: Ranking Rory MacDonald's UFC Fights

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIIDecember 7, 2012

UFC on Fox 5: Ranking Rory MacDonald's UFC Fights

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    Canadian welterweight Rory MacDonald steps into the Octagon against legend BJ Penn on Saturday night.

    He's big, mean and hungry to succeed in his UFC career.

    MacDonald has looked like a monster since he first fought in the UFC. He has put on excellent performances that have the UFC brass and fans taking notice.

    Let's take a look at ranking Rory MacDonald's five UFC fights to date.

No. 5: Rory MacDonald vs. Mike Guymon

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    Rory MacDonald made an impressive UFC debut by defeating Mike Guymon in the first round.The fight was taken to the ground, and MacDonald locked in a slick armbar to win the evening.

    The brilliant performance showed the UFC and fans alike that MacDonald might be something special.

No. 4: Rory MacDonald vs. Mike Pyle

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    MacDonald was pegged to take on slick submission wizard Mike Pyle at UFC 133.

    MacDonald came out aggressive and put Pyle on his back after catching a kick. Pyle was able to get back up, but shortly after, he was back on the canvas.

    MacDonald then postured up inside of Pyle's guard and hit him with a left hand that left Pyle stunned.

    Sensing the end was near, MacDonald begin hitting him with elbows and ended the night by scoring a stoppage via technical knockout.

No. 3: Rory MacDonald vs. Che Mills

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    MacDonald's latest performance came against striking specialist Che Mills.

    MacDonald was being out-struck by the Brit, so he employed a takedown and went to work with his vicious ground and pound.

    The same thing happened in Round 2, with MacDonald securing a dominant position on the ground and raining down heavy punches.

    He stopped the fight and earned himself another TKO victory.

No. 2: Rory MacDonald vs Nate Diaz

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    One of MacDonald's most impressive Octagon performances came against Nate Diaz.

    MacDonald used his size and strength advantage to batter and control Diaz for three rounds.

    The highlights came when MacDonald picked up Diaz and viciously slammed him to the canvas three times in the final round.

    He earned picked up a dominant decision victory for his performance.

No. 1: Rory MacDonald vs Carlos Condit

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    MacDonald's best fight came against Carlos Condit. It was only his second UFC fight, but he fought like  warrior that night.

    He gave Condit everything he could handle. He hit him with hard combinations and controlled him on the ground.

    Despite losing this fight with only seven seconds left on the clock, it showed that MacDonald has high-level skill and that he will only get better.

    He has done that in spades and is currently undefeated after that loss to Condit.

    MacDonald is a true talent, and if he keeps improving, the sky is the limit for the young fighter.

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