Forget Pete Rose, Reinstate Hotnuke—Now

Lou CappettaAnalyst IIMarch 23, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - 1989:  Manager Pete Rose #14 of the Cincinnati Reds sits in the dugout during the game against the San Francisco Giants at Candlestick Park during the 1989 MLB season in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images)

I have always hated working nights.

Let's face it, I'm not that into my job as a construction worker, period. Don't get me wrong, my job pays well enough to support my family, I have great benefits, and most importantly I am working while many of my fellow union construction workers are looking for work.

I'm not complaining, but when I get sent to a job site that can only work at night, I usually miss a lot. Goes with the territory of being awake while the world sleeps and vice-versa.

Yup, I'm not that into working nights, that is, until I joined Bleacher Report. Now rather than sleeping, I hit up Bleacher Report, post comments, read articles, and maybe even write a few myself. All in the serenity of my home while my beautiful children are at school, unable to bother me with arguments and questions about what's for dinner.

So today as I was browsing some of the most recent posts, while working on my latest slide-show of the 47 greatest seasons in Mets history, I began looking at pages of some of my favorite Bleacher Report sportswriters. That's when I noticed and ongoing discussion about what happened to Hotnuke.

Then I noticed that I had a note posted on my page by Hotnuke. Only when I checked my bulletin board, no new note. Hmmmm.

As I finished my slideshow, I began posting links to the article on a few of my fellow baseball fans pages. I left a link on Hotnuke's page, but as I did it, I realized people were leaving post asking what happened to him.


Then I realized, all of the comments Hotnuke has posted on my articles were gone.

I did some probing around, and had found out that Hotnuke had gotten into a spat with another Bleacher Report member named Mike D. It seems that it got a little heated. 

Hotnuke was accusing Mike D of spamming his page. Mike D accused Hotnuke of spamming his articles and changing the titles. They spared through bulletin board posts and comments. They called each other names. There were threats of bodily harm by Hotnuke. It was childish and out of control.

I know that Mike D made numerous posts about the incident on Zander's page. He wanted something done. Something was done, as Hotnuke was booted from the site. To be fair, I am unaware if Hotnuke informed Zander about the incident because all of his comments and bulletin board posts had been deleted.

I must admit that I have yet to read an article by Mike D, but I'll definitely be checking his stuff out. I also must admit that I really enjoy Hotnuke's contributions to the B/R community, I am a fan of his and I try to read whatever he writes.

So am I a bit disappointed that I won't be able to do that anymore? Absolutely.

I happen to think that it's an absolute tragedy that Hotnuke has been booted from this site. I think that this whole thing is stupid and has been blown way out of proportion.

It takes two people to have an argument, so I'm sure that Mike D is not totally innocent in all this. I have read a few of his comments, and while they aren't threatening, they definitely don't defuse the situation either.

For example, I recently wrote an article about Chipper Jones being overrated. You would have thought I killed somebody. While many of the 100 comments were thoughtful arguments, even if I disagreed with them, there were some that called me names, cursed at me, and were clearly not trying to spark a baseball debate, but an all-out argument.

I responded to the intelligent one, and let the other ones go. The people who posted those comments couldn't argue with someone who wouldn't respond. Either Mike D or Hotnuke could have taken that road, but unfortunately, neither one did.

Unfortunately, I feel this situation has been mishandled, and there are only two ways to fairly handle this situation.

The first, is to immediately reinstate Hotnuke to the B/R community. Give both writers a warning to cut the childish stuff immediately. Let them know, in no uncertain terms, that while it's OK to disagree, it needs to be done in an adult civilized manor. Let both know the next time will be an automatic expulsion from the site. Then, move on.

The other solution, boot Mike D from the site as well. If the senior members of B/R feel that they can not reinstate Hotnuke, then the only fair solution is to do the same to Mike D. This has become a game of he said/she said, and it needs to stop. It no longer matters who started it, the problem is now the fact that both parties are guilty of keeping it going, even while complaining to Zander and company to do something.

The sad thing about this whole situation is that the Bleacher Report community as a whole is the real loser. Sites like Bleacher Report are already looked upon by mainstream media as a refuge for mean spirited comments and first  amendment abuse. When incidents like this occur, it only proves our naysayers right.

Not to mention, that we definitely lost one talented writer already.

It's not too late to fix this.

Please use the comment space in this article to send a message that this needs to be handled properly, and as soon as possible.