WWE TLC 2012: 6 Things That Need to Happen at Next Week's PPV

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIDecember 8, 2012

WWE TLC 2012: 6 Things That Need to Happen at Next Week's PPV

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    If you are expecting something huge to come out of the Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view on Dec. 16, you might as well hold your breath.

    Now that CM Punk has been taken out of the equation and his WWE title being placed on the shelf while he recuperates from his knee injury, all bets are off as to a dramatic finish in the main event in Brooklyn.

    And between you and me, the six-man tag match between The Shield and Team Hell No and Ryback has as much drama as say a wet wash cloth.

    Sorry, just my emotions getting the best of me.

    Something huge has to happen in Brooklyn that will leave us gasping for air and wanting the new year in wrestling to start immediately. If the WWE is still promoting The Rock and Punk at the Royal Rumble, great, but could we have a little drama to get us there?

    Here are a few things that need to happen at TLC.

Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston Need to Steal the Show

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    I love this matchup, but I am not sure I agree with it. 

    While the Intercontinental Championship is becoming an important title again in the WWE, Barrett and Kingston should be working toward the WWE or World title.

    This match should be a stepping stone. Ideally, Barrett should be getting the push, which is not fair to the work Kingston has shown since he became a singles wrestler again.

    In the end, Barrett needs to win, move toward a World Championship match and both wrestlers need to get over.

More Solid Work by JBL and Michael Cole

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    While Cole and Jerry Lawler are finding their niche again, it is JBL who should be sitting at the announcer's table instead of The King.

    JBL's insight and his commentary are on point and are a great balance of Cole, who is better on the microphone in recent weeks. Although I love Lawler and his sometimes over the top commentary, JBL is such a refreshing change.

    And on PPV events, the three-man team is good, as long as JBL takes the lead and says what is ever on his mind.

Antonio Cesaro Must Beat R-Truth

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    In my opinion, Cesaro is the most talented athlete in the WWE right now and while he owns the United States Title, the angle with R-Truth is important to his development.

    Cesaro said no American could beat him for the title. So far, he is correct. R-Truth is better as a tag team wrestler, but his sudden run with Cesaro has proven he can compete as a singles star. But he is not the one to carry the United States title around his waist.

    At some point, Cesaro will be used more effectively as a main event star and the WWE Universe will see what greatness he truly possesses.

There Has to Be Another Surprise at the PPV

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    Last month, we saw the emergence of The Shield and the attack on Ryback. What is next?

    Could we see Randy Orton turn heel? Does The Shield win in the six-man tag match? Does something happen that AJ Lee turns on John Cena?

    There are so many ways this could turn out. But it is almost certain that because the loss of CM Punk in the title match is a serious blow to the credibility of this PPV, we as fans need to see fireworks.

Big Show and Sheamus Must Bring It with the Chairs Match

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    It is a pretty good rivalry, but it must come to an end at TLC.

    Big Show must win, cement himself as one of the best heel champions of all time, and then somehow drop the title to John Cena in the same night.

    I hope this match can become the signature match of the night, mainly because the Punk/Ryback match could have been great (with outside interference of course).

    And the give and take between these two big men has been nothing less than stellar. When was the last time we saw a feud like this with two big men that lived up to the hype?

John Cena Must Win the MITB Contract

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    Since he lost the first MITB match (through no fault of his own), does Cena make history and capture a second contract in the same year?

    It makes sense that both men win this match, but in this case it is my thought that Cena wins and moves on to claim gold.

    I also believe somehow, the "Black Widow" A.J. Lee will rear her head in this match and somehow be disruptive.

    This is the wild card match of the night. But it also could lead to Cena beating Big Show after Sheamus loses the Chairs Match at TLC.

    If Cena is to vindicate himself and prove he is still a major player in the championship picture, then he must first go through Dolph Ziggler and then claim the title from Big Show in one night.