Letter From an Editor: Try To Proof Read Your Articles a Little Better

Scott Pauley@scott.pauleyAnalyst IMarch 24, 2008

It seems my article, "Letter to the Editor's..." has drawn both criticism and favoritism.  I expected both, when I wrote it.

However, being an editor myself, I must say, there are some articles that need some major reworking.  I have never claimed to be a perfect writer, and I must say I am not the perfect editor either.

There are many good editors on blearcherreport.com.  I am happy that they take the time to do what they do, because my articles need help sometimes.

Therefore, I must ask all of you who write articles to keep writing.  But, please proof read the articles before you make a final post.  Here are some things that I feel would help the editors:

1. Check punctuation

2. Check spelling

3. Do research to ensure your article contains facts (unless you are stating opinion).

4. Don't have your paragraph be more than 2 to 4 sentences. Space them out so the article doesn't look to cluttered.

5.  Don't space it out too much.  Many people will see how long the article looks and decide not to read it.

6. Make sure your tags match the article. Use all the tags you want that have to do with the content.

7. Type your article in Microsoft Word or similar program, that will help proof read it, then copy and paste it to Bleacherreport.com

8. Make sure you use a picture that relates to the article.

9. Make sure you choose a title that is catchy and informative of the article

10. Don't always listen to people who write articles like this.  LOL!

"That's all I have to say about that". 

We editors strive to make the right corrections (though we aren't perfect).  If you edit your article first, the editor will not have to change much, if any.

Thanks for writing.  Thanks to the editors who help out. Let's help take bleacherreport.com to the top.