Adding Tim Tebow Would Make Jacksonville a Playoff Team

Thomas BonifaceCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2012

When paired with an elite running back like Maurice Jones-Drew, Tim Tebow's ability to run the football will make him a serious threat.
When paired with an elite running back like Maurice Jones-Drew, Tim Tebow's ability to run the football will make him a serious threat.David Welker/Getty Images

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Tim Tebow and what he should do with his NFL career.

Some think he should cherish his role as a backup, some think he should switch positions and others think he should give up the NFL thing all together.

What could be a potentially perfect situation for the former first round pick is a trade to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While this is simply wishful thinking on my part at the moment, the Jaguars offer Tebow an opportunity that few, if any, teams can offer him at this point in time.

The Jaguars are currently in the process of finishing the season with former Michigan quarterback Chad Henne under center and second-year man Blaine Gabbert riding the bench.  While Henne has provided a minor spark to the Jaguars' passing game of late, he is likely not the long-term solution at the position.

With new owner Shahid Khan taking over prior to the season and possibly looking to take the team in a new direction, Tebow, who grew up near Jacksonville, could possibly be in those plans for the long term.

If paired with star running back Maurice Jones-Drew, the Jaguars would have the premier 1-2 rushing punch behind one of the best run blocking offensive lines in the NFL.  Jones-Drew has one year left on his current contract with the team and bringing in Tebow to run what would likely be an offense predicated on a 90-10 rushing-passing breakdown could aid in getting Jones-Drew to resign with the team.

Furthermore, the emergence of Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon as legitimate wide receiver threats would take the pressure off of Jones-Drew and Tebow to carry the offense.

Oh, and Tebow's unparalleled leadership skills would provide stability to a team that currently lacks any form of leadership whatsoever.

So why would acquiring Tebow make the Jaguars a playoff team?

First, the Jaguars play in arguably one of the weakest divisions in the NFL.  Yes, the Texans are the class of the AFC at this time and the Colts are showing tremendous signs of growth on offense, but the Titans are still a very beatable team and the Colts' defense is still a porous group defending the run.

The Jaguars would face each of those teams twice throughout the season. Figure two wins over Tennessee, a split against Indianapolis with both games being tight and going down to the wire and possibly another against Houston after nearly pulling off that upset last season.  That would give the Jaguars four divisional wins with the possibility of going 2-0 against Indianapolis because of the close nature of the games.

Throw in another 3-4 close wins throughout the season and the Jaguars are an 8-8 team.

Further consider that the AFC is littered with teams making the playoffs as 8-8 wild cards, this scenario is entirely possible with Tebow under center (or in the shotgun).

While we were unable to see the magic that Tim Tebow can bring to a downtrodden team this season, there is still hope next season if he gets traded to Jacksonville.

His unique skill set could give the Jaguars just what they need to become a playoff team.