Cowboys Stadium Hosting 4 College Basketball Games at Once Is a Great Idea

Bobby ReaganFeatured ColumnistDecember 7, 2012

Cowboys Stadium, home to a 2,100-inch Jumbotron.
Cowboys Stadium, home to a 2,100-inch Jumbotron.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Everyone loves March Madness and the fact that there are numerous games going on at one time. That formed the basis of Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis' proposal to play four simultaneous games at Cowboys Stadium

Sign me up. In fact, I think it's a great idea to start the season off with this concept. The idea of getting eight top-tier schools to play in this AAU-style format will bring not only a packed house to JerryWorld but also a plethora of media coverage.

If they set the games up like the Maui Invitational, where there is one representative from each of the six BCS conferences and two additional participants, imagine the possible matchups. If this takes place next year, rule out Baylor and Kentucky, who are already playing a game at Cowboys Stadium against each other. But you could include the likes of Texas, Florida, UCLA, Indiana, Butler, VCU, Georgetown and North Carolina.

Cowboys Stadium is also the perfect place to host it. On top of being more than large enough to fit the fanbases, media and four courts, it has the perfect weapon:

The Jumbotron.

The 2,100-inch monster would be perfect for the fans away from the action. They could even split the screen into four sections so you can watch all the games at once, much like you can do at home during March Madness.

One of the big complaints is the safety of the players with four games going on at once and the possibility of a loose ball running into the other court. What everyone seems to forget is the players are used to this setup.

Anyone that has played in or attended an AAU event has seen this setup before. Usually there are more than four games going on during those tournaments. This would be nothing new to the players, just something new for the fans.

The scary thing is this isn't even Hollis' strangest idea yet. He is the one who came up with the Carrier Classic and Winter Classic.

This is a great idea in a great venue. After all, everything is bigger in Texas.