Soccer's 10 Worst Face Shots

Sebastian Lena@SP7988Analyst IDecember 7, 2012

Soccer's 10 Worst Face Shots

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    There are many things to love about the game of soccer.

    From the amazing players, to the great managers to the fantastic results produced on the field, there’s a lot to choose from.

    However, there’s also a not so glamorous side of the sport that many adore around the world. A side that not too many like to talk about.

    It’s a side that includes the embarrassment of scoring an own goal, tripping on your shoe or maybe even that overpriced flop that takes up half of your favorite club’s payroll without paying their end of the bargain.

    But the most notorious of them all has got to be the face shot.

    Here are 10 of the worst face shots of all time.

Double the Pain

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    Sometimes using your head isn't the right thing to do.

    It's a lesson Tottenham's Gareth Bale learned the hard way.

Now THAT'S a Team Player

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    If sticking your face in front of an up close and personal rocket of a shot doesn't signify team loyalty, I don't know what does.

    Burnley defender Ben Mee shows us that a broken nose and a couple missing teeth is a worthy trade-off as long as his team comes away with a victory.

    Well done, lad. 

Sometimes Simple Is Better

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    If you're going to show off, you better be certain you can pull it off.

    This college soccer player certainly has got the athletic part of the move down, but he just can't seem to get off the finishing aspect.

    Then again, what's up with the defender? Who seriously defends a throw in? Serves him right. 

Consolation Prize

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    Germany dominated Argentina during their 4-0 victory back in 2010.

    It was a result that didn't please this one particular Argentinian. So much so that he decided to take his frustration out on Germany's Per Mertesacker's face.

    What a sore loser.

Move, Ref! Get out the Way!

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    Oh, those pesky referees. Always getting in the way of play.

    In this particular game, Chester City's Kevin Ellison decided he'd do something about.

    The fans didn't seem to mind it. 

Give Me an O... Give Me a U... Give Me a C... Give Me a H... What's That Spell?

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    Leave it to Germany to have cheerleaders on the sideline of a soccer match.

    This is a perfect example why cheerleaders should stick to basketball and football.

Fan Interference

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    What else would you expect from a London Derby?

Where Am I?

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    This referee looked dazed long before he got pelted in the face.

    First, he almost gets run over by a player. Next thing you know, he's running directly into the path of the oncoming shot.

    Oh boy. 

Paranormal Experience

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    I feel bad for Charlie Mulgrew.

    How could the referee not have caught a glimpse of the invisible ball that struck Kyle Lafferty in the face?

    Shame on him.

Why'd You Duck, Jim?

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    This is why soccer should be left to the professionals, boys.

    At least Jim does a pretty good impression of Manchester City's Vincent Kompany.