Oregon Football: Power Ranking the Ducks' Uniforms

Nathan LoweryCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2012

Oregon Football: Power Ranking the Ducks' Uniforms

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    One of the nicest things about being an Oregon fan is the thrill of seeing which jerseys the Ducks go with each game.

    Unlike most teams in the nation, Oregon will go with a different uniform combination every single week so fans are dazzled not only by the team's performance on the field, but also by the flashy uniforms worn by the players.

    Here is a power ranking of the Oregon Ducks' best jerseys in 2012.

12. Week 2: Fresno State

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    Combination: Silver, Yellow, Silver

    I hate these uniforms. Always have, always will.

    I am a fan of the yellow Oregon Duck uniforms, but the yellow coupled with the silver helmet and silver pants is just downright awful.

    I still hold the firm belief that all of these jerseys should be worn by a tackling dummy and then lit on fire.

    Maybe then this jersey combination will look good.

11. Week 7: Arizona State

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    Combination: Silver, White, Silver

    Did Nike forget what Oregon's school colors are?

    These uniforms are just too plain for me. The fact they decided to go with silver helmets and silver pants for an away game didn't help.

    The white jerseys are nice, as you will see later in this slideshow, but the gray pants are just too subtle to cause a splash on the field.

    A disturbing lack of green and yellow doesn't help these uniforms out either.

10. Week 3: Tennessee Tech

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    Combination: Green, Green, Silver

    Since the move to the new winged helmets, I haven't been a fan of the green helmets.

    The green wings on a green background is not a good fit in my mind because they just blend together.

    Once again, silver pants come back to haunt the Ducks.

9. Week 10: California

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    Combination: Green, White, Black

    Okay, the ranting will cease because now we can get to the good part.

    I know in just the last slide I ranted about the green helmets, but the ones for the Cal game are a completely different ballgame.

    For one, it was a night game and not an afternoon contest, and secondly, they didn't throw in the green jerseys with them.

    The black pants for some reason were also such a nice touch in this contest.

8. Week 11: Stanford

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    Combination: Silver, Black, Silver

    Note to Nike: Silver goes very, very well with black. White and yellow? Not so much.

    Although these were the uniforms for Oregon's lone loss this season, the darker look was a very intimidating appearance for the Ducks from a fan's standpoint.

7. Week 5: Washington State

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    Combination: Green, White, Silver

    I'm still trying to figure out what it is about these uniforms, but for some reason, this was just a really nice look for the Ducks.

    And yes, I do realize the majority of my readers are going to disagree with me on this one, but I can't lie—I like this combination

    If Oregon were to be normal like the rest of the country and use a primary home and away jersey, I would want this to be their away jersey.

6. Week 6: Washington

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    Combination: Yellow, Green Apple, Black

    I hope we're all still aware that even though this jersey combination is at the halfway point and beyond, I still love these jerseys.

    I loved seeing the green apple jerseys not once but twice this season, as the Ducks got as close to throwback as they possibly could.

    The black pants are the only things that are keeping these jerseys from being higher. I would have much rather seen another green.

5. Week 8: Colorado

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    Combination: Silver, Black, Black

    The return of the ninja Duck with a slight twist: Instead of a black helmet, Oregon went with a silver one.

    The intimidation factor on these uniforms was at an all-time high and it showed with a 70-14 beatdown on the Buffaloes.

4. Week 12: Oregon State

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    Combination: Yellow, White, Yellow

    Remember earlier how I said I love the attempts at going with throwback jerseys? Well, that still applies here.

    If the Ducks took off the wings on the shoulders and put an old-styled "UO" on the helmet, this would look like a spitting image of the Ducks from the days when they weren't competing for conference titles.

    The fact that these jerseys appeared during the Civil War only adds to their case.

3. Week 4: Arizona

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    Combination: Silver (read below), Green, Black

    Believe it or not, the helmets are reflective metal and are actually silver. With it being a night game, however, the helmets looked black on the TV screen, and could quite possibly be the coolest thing I have ever seen.

    The "black," green, black combo brings back memories of my favorite Oregon uniform combination from the 2009 season: the upset of USC on Halloween night.

2. Week 9: USC

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    Combination: White, White, White

    Honestly, who knew that all-white jerseys could be so darn flashy?

    I, unlike everyone else, did not like the "Stormtrooper" jerseys that Oregon used.

    That is until this year, however.

    I haven't been quite so fascinated by an away jersey—until I saw these jerseys.

1. Week 1: Arkansas State

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    Combination: Yellow, Green Apple, Yellow

    This is what happens when throwback meets the future.

    These uniforms were flashy, but brought back fond memories of the Oregon Duck teams of lore.

    Honestly, the lighter shade of green on these jerseys spoiled me a lot this year, and I hope that Oregon continues to use them in the future.