Why a Chip Kelly-Coached Player Will Win the Heisman During His Tenure at Oregon

Shannon HartleyContributor IIIDecember 7, 2012

Why a Chip Kelly-Coached Player Will Win the Heisman During His Tenure at Oregon

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    Many of Chip Kelly's players have been in talks as possible candidates for college football's most historic award–the Heisman.

    LaMichael James came close in 2010, receiving enough votes for third place behind superstar athletes Andrew Luck and Cam Newton.

    Oregon is continuing to rise as a national powerhouse and bringing in top recruits. If Chip Kelly decides to stay at Oregon for a few more years, one of his players will win a Heisman trophy.

    These are the players that could win it.

Marcus Mariota

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    Marcus Mariota has been phenomenal in his first year as Oregon's starting quarterback. With the consistency and poise Mariota brings to the team, Oregon's future looks bright.

    Mariota has been one of the most consistent passers in the NCAA this year with a 69.87 percent completion rate.

    Along with Mariota's passing abilities, he has legs that do damage as well. So far this year, he has amassed 690 yards rushing on the ground with four touchdowns.

    If Mariota keeps up his impressive play and gets his team to the national championship within the next few years, it would be hard not to give him the Heisman trophy.

De'Anthony Thomas

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    De'Anthony Thomas has definitely contributed throughout the 2012 season. But I don't think many expected him to just contribute.

    After an electrifying 2011 Rose Bowl performance, Oregon fans couldn't wait to see what De'Anthony had in store for the 2012 season. 

    In Oregon's first three games this season, De'Anthony put on a clinic. He had defenses and opposing special teams units looking like middle-school tacklers. 

    As soon as conference play hit though, Thomas went into a slump. During that time, Kenjon Barner and Mariota started to catch all the hype, and everyone was left wondering, what happened to De'Anthony?

    Any football fan who has watched De'Anthony Thomas would say that he has the talent to become a Heisman candidate. 

    If Thomas can be consistently electrifying throughout a whole season, he will definitely be receiving hardware in New York.

Thomas Tyner

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    This season, Oregon has averaged just over 323 yards per game rushing on the ground with senior Kenjon Barner taking on the load.

    Barner is a great back for the Oregon offense, but there is no doubt that Tyner will be all of that and more.

    Tyner is an upgrade from LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner. At 6'0'' and 207 pounds, he has the size to both receive blows and give blows.

    In addition to his size, Tyner may also be faster than any recent Oregon running back. With 4.30 speed, Tyner will break into the open early and often during his career at Oregon.

    Tyner may not be seriously talked about as a Heisman contender in his freshman year, but look to see him break into the national spotlight in his sophomore season.

    My guess is that he will put up gaudy numbers and be on his way to New York for a Heisman Award.

Alejandro Maldonado

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    Wait.......................no, just no.