Pacquiao vs Marquez 4: Expert Predictions and Analysis from Big Names in Boxing

Michael Walters@mwalters202Correspondent IIDecember 7, 2012

Pacquiao vs Marquez 4: Expert Predictions and Analysis from Big Names in Boxing

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    Everyone has an opinion on Saturday's fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez

    Some think the match isn't necessary, while others believe it will finally give closure to one of the best rivalries of the new millennium.

    Bleacher Report has been inundated with opinions on the fight, some I agree with and know what they say about opinions. 

    I decided to reach out yesterday and call some people who probably have a better perspective on the fight than any writer could ever have.

    I decided to call some professional boxers.

    In the following slides you will read the opinions and the predictions from up-and-coming prospects, top contenders, three world champions and a Hall of Fame fighter.

    Note: Unless otherwise noted, all quotes in the following slides were obtained firsthand.

Eddie Chambers: Former Heavyweight Title Challenger and Cruiserweight Contender

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    "Fast" Eddie Chambers is one of the most skilled fighters in the sport.

    The undersized former heavyweight title challenger who is taking his talents to the cruiserweight division

    Eddie also seems to really know his stuff and is a true student of the of the game. When he retires, I have a feeling he will be just as skilled on the mic as he has been in the ring.

    Chambers feels as though Pacquiao and Marquez know each other's style too well for one fighter to dominate the other and that it will be a tough fight either way.

    "There's been a razor-thin edge for both fighters in all the fights," Chambers said. "It's hard to say one way or the other who won unless you just like a certain style."

    He also believes the reason every fight has been so close is that both fighters feel they have the ability to dominate the other, and because of that, you always get the best of both fighters.

    "It's going to be a great fight, but I think Pacquiao will win."

B.J. Flores: Cruiserweight Contender and NBC Boxing Analyst

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    B.J. Flores won't be able to attend what should be the final installment of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez series or even watch it on pay-per-view because he will be busy working that night.

    Flores won't be in the ring himself, but will be calling the action for the Bryant Jennings vs. Bowie Tupou bout that will be broadcast on NBC Sports Fight Night for free the same night.

    Although he's working on another telecast, that didn't stop Flores from weighing in on the other fight Saturday night.

    "It was a 10-6 round in the first round and then after that I literally had him (Marquez) 9 of the next 12, which would of had him winning the fight," Flores said of the controversial split-decision draw between the two in their first fight.

    Flores feels the other two fights were close but that Marquez was robbed by the judges of a victory in the last one.

    This fight is a no-win situation for Pacquiao, according to Flores, because if Pacquiao wins he was supposed to, and if he loses, he lost to a guy who is 39 years old.

    "I think Pacquiao is going to come out and be very aggressive," Flores said. "I think Freddie and those guys really plan on going for the knockout and that plays right into Marquez's hands."

    "I think Marquez is definitely the better counter puncher and is going to be stronger this time. I like Marquez in a 12-round decision."

Lamont Peterson: Current IBF Junior Welterweight Champion

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    Lamont Peterson is the current IBF junior welterweight champion and could possibly face either Manny Pacquiao or Juan Manuel Marquez one day. 

    Peterson, like a lot of impartial viewers, feels that all three fights have been very close and that the series is closer than it says on paper.

    "It could easily be one win for Pacquiao, one win for Marquez and one draw," Peterson said. "This fight for me determines it all. Whoever wins this fight is the better man."

    "Marquez always puts up a tough fight and when everyone doubts him he ends up doing better a better job than he did before."

    Both fighters are getting older, but according to Peterson, every fighter has one great performance left in them. Whoever is hungrier will come out victorious.

    "I think I am going to go with Pacquiao to win this one," Peterson said. "My gut says Pacquiao, my heart says Marquez. I have always been a Marquez fan."

Seth Mitchell: Heavyweight Contender

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    Seth Mitchell wasn't even thinking about being a professional boxer when Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez first stepped into the ring against each other.

    My, how times have changed for the former blue-chip gridiron star. He is now one of the biggest names in the heavyweight division whether his critics believe he should be or not.

    Although he lost his last fight out, Mitchell vows to bounce back and learn from his mistakes much like Marquez has during the course of his series with Pacquiao.

    "Pacquiao has been destroying all of his opponents, Marquez just has a style that gives him trouble," Mitchell said. "I think it's going to be another one of those fights that's razor-thin and there won't be a knockout in this fight."

    "If there is a knockout I think it will probably be Pacquiao over Marquez, but I think it's going to be another close exciting fight."

    In the end, though, Mitchell is picking Marquez to pull the upset.

    "If it's another close fight like that. I think the nod will got to Marquez."

Mark Johnson: Former Two Division Champion and Hall of Fame Member

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    Hall of Famer Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson knows exactly how tough it is to fight a Marquez. After all, he has fought Juan Manuel's brother twice.

    The first fight he lost by a very strange split decision. He was deducted two points and was originally announced the winner, only to have the results changed later that night.

    The second he lost by TKO to the younger, stronger and bigger fighter.

    Many boxing observers thought the former flyweight and super flyweight champ was done after that loss, but he would move back down to super flyweight from bantamweight and once again capture championship gold by defeating Fernando Montiel by majority decision.

    To say Johnson knows a little bit about close fights would be a huge understatement.

    "I thought Marquez controlled the last fight, I thought he won the last fight," Johnson said.

    "I know that Marquez said he's going to go out there and go after him but that's not Marquez's style," Johnson said of the Mexican's game plan.

    "Marquez is the kind of guy that works off your mistakes. He's a great counter puncher, so for Marquez to be overly aggressive—I don't really see it."

    If forced to make a pick, Johnson said he would have to pick Pacquiao.

    "I see a close decision," Johnson said of Saturday's outcome."I don't see neither one stopping the other but you see a lot of [strange] things happen in Vegas."

Adrien Broner: Current WBC Lightweight Champion

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    Adrien Broner is the future of the sport in many peoples' eyes.

    He is the heir apparent to Floyd Mayweather atop the boxing world and the most polarizing young fighter in the sport today. You either love him or you hate him, but either way, you will be watching him.

    At the post-fight press conference after his dominant, eight-round destruction of Antonio DeMarco, he said the man he wanted was Manny Pacquiao's opponent this Saturday—Juan Manuel Marquez.

    One would think that the "Can Man" would be watching this fight closer than most, but according to the self proclaimed Mr. HBO, it's not something he's interested in.

    "I honestly really don't too much care for it," Broner said of Saturday's showdown between the future Hall of Fame fighters. So no, he won't be watching.

    People can speculate and say, "Oh, he's not watching because he's (fill in the blank)," but the reason he won't be watching is not due to arrogance. 

    He won't be watching the bout because I he will be supporting his childhood friend and three-time Olympian Rau'Shee "Nuke" Warren, who will fight for the just the second time as a professional on a card in California.

Nick Kinser: Former Heavyweight Amateur Standout and Cruiserweight Prospect

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    "Slick" Nick Kisner holds the distinction of being the youngest American fighter ever to win a national title in the heavyweight division in the amateur ranks.

    Since turning pro at age 19, the former amateur standout has racked up an impressive record of 10-0-1 with five knockouts. The draw was a highly controversial one in which most ringside observers and press members thought he won easily.

    Nick will be in action this Saturday and won't be able to see the fight live, but the Baltimore native has some strong opinions about the big fight happening in Las Vegas.

    "I think Juan Manuel Marquez won all three of them," Kisner said. "I actually had him win the first one I think eight to four [rounds] but because of the three knockdowns I had him win by one [point]."

    "I had him win the second fight seven rounds to five, because of the knockdown he won by one. Then in the last fight I had him win by seven to five over Pacquiao again. But they've always been close."

    "Something tells me that if Manny Pacquiao can start off quick and be really explosive like he used to be, he might be able to drop Marquez," Kisner said.

    While the young fighter thinks that Marquez should win, there's a chance it won't go the distance, in his opinion.

    "I wouldn't be surprised if Manny ends up catching him and stopping him early."

Karim Mayfield: Junior Welterweight Contender

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    Karim "Hard Hitta" Mayfield campaigns in one of the most talent-filled divisions in boxing, and could one day face either of the two men fighting this Saturday. 

    Regarding the third fight, Mayfield believes that Marquez had done enough to pull the fight off, but because of Pacquiao's status in the sport, it wasn't enough.

    "Pacquiao is a super champion; so you can't just win, you really got to like beat this guy down," Mayfield said.

    While Mayfield believes that all the fights have been exciting, closely fought matchups, he isn't eager for the fourth installment. 

    "I am not really interested in watching the fourth fight, 24/7 was pretty boring," Mayfield said.

    Those are sentiments I am sure many fans would agree with and something B.J. Flores pointed out, also.

    The San Franciscan fighter believes that Pacquiao will win what will probably be the last fight between the two.

    "I think Pacquiao has a lot to prove at this point in his career so I see him pulling it off this time," Mayfield said. "I don't think he's going to knock him out; he couldn't do that in his prime, so I don't see him knocking out Marquez."

Dusty Hernandez-Harrsion: Teenage Welterweight Phenom

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    Dusty Hernandez-Harrison was only 9 years old the first time Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez mixed it up.

    Just over seven years later, Hernandez-Harrison made his pro debut at the tender age of 17.

    While Pacquiao and Marquez are settling the score once and for all, the teenage phenom, who was recently featured in Ring Magazine, will be looking for win No. 11 and knockout No. 7 on the same night.

    While he admits he was really young when he watched the first fight, he definitely has an opinion about all of the fights in the series.

    "I personally think that Marquez won the first and the third fights and Pacquiao won the second one," Hernandez-Harrsion said.

    "I think Pacquiao will win this one," he said. "I want to say Marquez, but I think Pacquiao will win because he has a point to prove after that last one, that Bradley thing."

    "You know what? I'm going to change it. I'm going to change it. I'm going with Marquez; I think he's going to be too strong."

    Like with most boxing fans, it's hard for the young fighter to make a choice and stick with it when it comes to predicting an outcome for this fight.

    "It's going to be close no matter which way it goes," Hernandez-Harrison said.

Devon Alexander: IBF Welterweight Champion

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    Devon Alexander is the current IBF welterweight champion.

    He has amassed a pretty impressive record in his eight-year career and has won titles multiple titles in two weight divisions.

    His lone blemish on his almost perfect record of 24-1, with 13 knockouts, is to Timothy Bradley—which is nothing to be embarrassed of. 

    Devon will be back in action and looking to win over new fans when he faces the United Kingdom's Kell Brook in January. 

    "Well the first fight was definitely a good fight," Alexander said. "The first fight I thought Pacquiao won."

    "The second fight was close so, I couldn't really tell who won. The third fight was basically the same, a draw."

    Alexander hopes that this fight will finally settle the rivalry so both boxers and fans can move on. 

    "It really depends what Pacquiao shows up—the motivated Pacquiao or the complacent Pacquiao who is just going through the motions," Alexander said.

    "I think Pacquiao is going to be highly motivated for this fight; it's his legacy," Alexander said. "If I had to pick, I would go with Pacquiao."