Dallas Mavericks vs. Phoenix Suns: Live Score, Results and Game Highlights

Zachary Arthur@Zach_ArthurSLCCorrespondent IIDecember 7, 2012

The Dallas Mavericks travel to play the Phoenix Suns tonight
The Dallas Mavericks travel to play the Phoenix Suns tonightRonald Martinez/Getty Images

Final Score: Mavericks 97, Suns 94

What was looking like a bad game turned into a surprisingly good finish as the Dallas Mavericks closed the game out and got the win.

Clutch free-throws out of Vince Carter and Darren Collison locked this one up.

It'll be interesting to see how many people want a refund from Phoenix because of how unsatisfied they were.


O.J. Mayo lead the Mavericks

Dallas needed somebody to step up and Mayo did just that.

His 23 points were a game high, but his five assists were probably more impressive. His assist numbers also happened to be a game high, and it seemed like one of his goals was to get everybody involved.

High assists usually come with high turnovers, so if there was a black mark on Mayo's stat sheet, then it would have to be his six turnovers.

He'll need to play with more consistency as the season moves forward, but there is no reason that this game can't be a launching point toward that consistency.


Michael Beasley only got 21 minutes of playing time

Beasley might have only gotten 21 minutes of playing time, but he was still able to put up 12 shots in this contest.

He only made three of those shots, mostly because nearly all of them were bad shots.

Gentry sat him for all of the fourth quarter and that's when the Suns began to make their run.

While very talented, he's clearly not fitting in with the team too well and it wouldn't be surprising to see him dealt sometime soon.

The only question is will anyone want him?


Where was Phoenix for 42 minutes?

Sure, the game ended up being a tight one, but you wouldn't know that it was going to end like that if you watched the Suns for the first three and a half quarters.

Phoenix was giving up easy layups, missing even easier shots and the whole time it didn't feel like they cared.

Head coach Alvin Gentry looks like he's doing his best with the players he's given, but he can only do so much. The Suns just don't have a good, balanced team and it's going to start catching up to them sooner-than-later.

On a "Satisfaction Guaranteed Night", the Suns managed to barely give their fans a show. It didn't feel like there was any fight out of these professionals that people pay money to see.

Quite honestly, it's unacceptable and it's funny that Phoenix made this kind of satisfaction deal.


Dallas moves to 9-10 with this win.

Phoenix's losing streak moves to five games as they fall to 7-13.


Third Quarter: Mavericks 69, Suns 61

It took the Suns about eight minutes to start to score points as they only had for in the quarter at that point.

Dallas didn't do anything well to slow Phoenix down, they just happened to be playing against the Suns.

Shawn Marion is leading all players in plus/minus with +12. He has 10 points and five rebounds.


First Half: Mavericks 40, Suns 44

Markieff Morris has turned into an efficient young player. He has nine points and 10 rebounds at the half.

Michael Beasley is 2-9 and has shown that his shot selection is terrible.

Dallas can't quite get into a rhythm, but that could be because of O.J. Mayo's four turnovers.

The surprise player of the half has to go to Chris Kaman with eight points and five rebounds.

84 combined points is probably not what Phoenix's management was hoping for on "Satisfaction Guaranteed Night".


First Quarter: Mavericks 23, Suns 23

Phoenix began the game with an 11-1 run.

Dallas' bench is outscoring Phoenix' 14-6.

Markieff Morris with six points and nine rebounds.


Pregame Notes:

Phoenix is offering their fans their money back if they leave the stadium unsatisfied after the game.

Derek Fisher is getting is first start of the year.

Keep checking back for updates as the game goes on.


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