5 Different Power Structures That Could Shake Up the WWE

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5 Different Power Structures That Could Shake Up the WWE
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For over 10 years, the WWE has been run with the same power structure. 

The day-to-day operations of the individual shows are run by general managers while a mysterious board of directors hovers above them ready to enact random acts of interference. 

When this system was initially set in place, the board were rarely seen or heard from. These all-powerful figures only revealed their existence when it was time to move a general manager on from their position of authority or to stop an injustice that was being performed by someone massively over-reaching from their position of power.

Now, interference on behalf of the board seems to happen on a month-to-month basis. 

First Triple H, then John Laurinaitis and now Vince McMahon have interfered in situations before any real good or evil has been done by a general manager. Therefore, potentially interesting personalities are only given short-term reigns in power, and the only enduring authority figures are bland and unoriginal. 

It would appear that the WWE has backed itself into a position whereby it has to change the power structure if it is going to run long, authority-based storylines again. 

Here are five possible scenarios that would allow the WWE to have a different power structure.  

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