76ers' Hair Fashionista Andrew Bynum Spotted Practicing His Pop-a-Shot Game

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 6, 2012

Photo Credit: Lackey13 Twitter
Photo Credit: Lackey13 Twitter

Andrew Bynum found a new and exciting way to entertain himself and simultaneously annoy all those Philadelphia 76ers fans who thought he might actually be the superstar center they were waiting for. 

As if hairstyle failures and a lingering injury keeping him off the court weren't enough, Bynum was spotted playing a rousing session of Pop-A-Shot. 

Well, at least he wasn't bowling. 

BuzzFeed spotted a couple of tweets that, if nothing else, proves Bynum is working diligently to maintain his shooting prowess during his extended stay on the disabled list. 

Here is a tweet from 94 WIP host Adam Reigner.

Unlike Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum can hit a free throw! twitter.com/AdamReigner/st…

— Adam Reigner (@AdamReigner) December 6, 2012

And here is a tweet from Twitter user @Lackey13, who gives us some unfortunate news as to Bynum's success at the fun arcade game.

@crossingbroad Bynum playing pop a shot at Dave and Busters...he didn't make too many twitter.com/Lackey13/statu…

— Lackey (@Lackey13) December 6, 2012

The same fan reported that he didn't see any other Sixers, but delivered this hard-hitting report.

@crossingbroad He's been strolling around for about an hour with some short dude.

— Lackey (@Lackey13) December 6, 2012

As Yahoo! Sports reports, this all went down on Wednesday night, an off night for Bynum and the rest of his teammates. 

We agree with the Yahoo! report in that there is absolutely and completely nothing wrong with what you see here. 

The man is just playing some Pop-A-Shot, something you pretty much can't resist if you are near one of the machines with extra change in your pockets.

Still, any Bynum sighting nowadays reminds 76ers fans that he is nowhere near getting back on the court, and his stay in Philadelphia has been largely relegated to bowling mishaps, hair fails and what seems to be an unsuccessful game of Pop-A-Shot. 

Bynum Watch 2012 continues. 

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