Alabama Football: 5 Reasons the Crimson Tide Are a Lock to Win the BCS Title

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIDecember 6, 2012

Alabama Football: 5 Reasons the Crimson Tide Are a Lock to Win the BCS Title

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    The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have been college football's feel-good story of the season. 

    They have gone 12-0 and have secured a spot in the BCS National Championship against Alabama. 

    Unfortunately for Cinderella-story Notre Dame, the clock strikes midnight on January 7. 

    Alabama is going to win another national championship. Here's why.

1. They've Been There Before

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    Alabama has won the BCS title twice in the last three seasons. Twice. The Crimson Tide are used to playing on the nation's biggest stage. 

    Nick Saban's teams are 2-0 in trips to the big game, beating LSU in 2012 and Texas in 2009. 

    Look at the Tide's championship run last season—LSU was the SEC champion. The Tigers entered the final game as the No. 1 team in the country. Alabama was No. 2. 

    The Crimson Tide shut out the Tigers, 21-0, on their way to snagging the crystal football. 

    Alabama has too much experience in the big game to lose to Notre Dame. 

2. Alabama Can Put Up Points

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    It's no secret that Alabama can score. The Tide average over 38 points per contest, partially due to their running game, which averages over 200 yards per contest and is ranked No. 20 in the nation. 

    This team has put up over 30 points in all but two games this season. It didn't matter if they were playing Michigan, Georgia or Mississippi State, the Crimson Tide were putting up points. 

    Notre Dame may have the best defense in the land, but considering the Irish gave up 26 to Pittsburgh and 17 to a .500 Purdue team, fans have to wonder if they'll be able to stop A.J. McCarron and the high-powered Crimson Tide offense in January. 

3. Alabama Has Played Big Games All Season

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    Another thing that Alabama has over Notre Dame is experience in big games this season. Alabama played four games against BCS ranked teams this season, while Notre Dame played just one. 

    The Tide opened the season with Michigan, while Notre Dame was flying to Ireland to take on Navy. Bama played their tough SEC schedule with teams like LSU, Texas A&M and Mississippi State, among others.

    Meanwhile, Notre Dame played some strong teams, but has also played teams like Purdue, Pittsburgh, Boston College and Wake Forest. 

    Alabama plays tough teams all season long. The team fights in the SEC all year while Notre Dame doesn't have to stress over conference play as an Independent. 

4. Notre Dame Patterns

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    If you look at Notre Dame's season, the Fighting Irish are likely in for a close game against Alabama. 

    Notre Dame has racked up some big wins this season. The team beat Navy 50-10, Michigan State 20-3, Miami 41-3 and Oklahoma 30-13. 

    The games after those big victories are when the Fighting Irish have struggled this season. 

    After their victory over Navy, they beat Purdue by just three points. After victory over Michigan State, they beat Michigan by just seven. They followed up their win over Miami with an overtime win over Stanford. It even took three overtimes for Notre Dame to beat Pittsburgh, one week after the win over Oklahoma. 

    Notre Dame beat USC by nine in its last game of the regular season. The team's struggles come after beating teams by seven or more. Notre Dame will once again contest a close game, but this time, the opposing team will emerge on top. 

5. Nick Saban Is Too Good

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    Nick Saban is 158-55-1 in his NCAA career. He's coached numerous teams to successful seasons, including Michigan State, Toledo, LSU and now the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

    Saban is one of the game's best minds. His defensive schemes and formations have left offenses scratching their heads for years, and January 7 will be no different. 

    Saban will have his Crimson Tide team ready to play against Notre Dame. He has tons of experience coaching huge games in his years at Alabama and LSU, so he knows how to prepare and win when everything is on the line. 

    Brian Kelly has coached in big games, taking Grand Valley State University to three Division II Championships in a row. He's coached Cincinnati to four bowl games.

    While those games are all good, he's never coached in a national championship game in Division I.  

    Saban will out-coach Brian Kelly on January 7 in a close matchup, ending Notre Dame's run at the crystal football for its first national championship since 1988.