20 Current Athletes You Love on Your Team but Hate on the Other Team

Nick DimengoFeatured ColumnistDecember 6, 2012

20 Current Athletes You Love on Your Team but Hate on the Other Team

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    Every sports fan has players that just rub them the wrong way.

    Whether it be because they ripped your heart out with a last-second play, or they talk crap about your city, we hold grudges and boo a little louder when we see certain guys come into our hometown.

    Problem is, if they happen to get traded or sign with "the good guys," our perception of them immediately changes.

    But until then, we'll keep dogging them as much as possible. These guys are the most hated athletes out there.

Gennaro Gattuso

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    Due to his demotion from Italian powerhouse AC Milan to Swiss Super League team FC Sion, Gattuso's prowess amongst most hated opposing players takes a hit.

    Mark our words though, there's not a whole lot of people who like this guy.

    He once choked and yelled Scottish vulgarities at an opposing coach.

    He's choked out his own international coach.

    Hell, he's just a badass that we personally rank as one of our favorites, regardless of what team he plays for. We just happen to fall into a small minority.

Cam Newton

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    As sports fans, can't we all agree that the Superman routine is worn out?

    There was that whole Shaq vs. D12 debate—yes, that actually happened.

    Now RG3 and Newton seem to be trying to claim it.

    Regardless, it's not just Newton's celebrations or brashness that makes most fans other than Panthers fans dislike him.

    It's also his success, lousy attitude and a few past controversies.

    He has loads of talent though, so we'd defend anything he did if he was our team's starter.

Jordin Tootoo

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    You must forgive our partiality to Tootoo.

    After all, he actually was on our hometown Preds until this past offseason when he signed with the Red Wings.

    Running around Nashville, we've been "fortunate enough" to see Jordin out and about. This usually ends with him challenging someone to an arm wrestling match and wanting to take them down.

    He's tiny.

    He's built.

    He's a bulldog that will constantly bite you for no reason.

    For that reason, we'll hate seeing him come back to Nashville whenever this lockout ends.

Tom Brady

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    How could anyone possibly hate Tom Terrific?

    Easy, just ask any fan of another NFL team and they'll tell you how spiteful they are of the guy who seems to have it all.

    Hot-ass wife.

    Multiple Super Bowls.

    A couple of MVPs (both league and Super Bowl).

    Unless you're a Pats fan, Brady typically is one of the most hated athletes.

    But dammit, wouldn't he look good throwing darts for your team? Hell yeah he would.

Patrick Kaleta

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    As a right winger, most casual hockey fans may look at Kaleta's stats and think, "How the hell is he still in the league?"

    He doesn't score.

    His plus-minus rating isn't good.

    What does he do?

    Well, he's the definition of an agitator, constantly talking crap and pestering an opposing team's best player.

    Most fans hate him for his headbutt or dirty hits that have gotten him suspended in the past, though he'd be the real deal if on your team. 

Ndamukong Suh

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    Suh—and tons of other Lions fans—claim he's not a dirty player, but the proof is in the pudding.

    With multiple cases of stomping on opposing players or head-hunting quarterbacks, Suh isn't highly thought of by fans.

    But the grizzly D-linemen sure would be the best thing that ever happened to your home team, with you and your buddies defending him as "aggressive and intimidating" instead of "dirty and vicious."

Prince Fielder

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    When thinking about guys we can't stand, Fielder definitely comes to mind.

    In fact, we leaned over and asked a random Braves fan which player he'd love on his team, but hates otherwise, and Prince was the first guy mentioned.

    He's talented as hell, thus far living up to his mega-deal the Tigers threw his way last offseason—well, until the postseason—but he's a little smug and doesn't hold back his feelings for himself.

    A terror at the plate, Fielder seems to rub both AL and NL fans the wrong way because of it. 

John Terry

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    Most people don't really like (accused) racists, so if you talk to any soccer fan about their feelings on Terry, you'll most likely get a negative response about 95 percent of the time.

    We're even Chelsea fans and can't really stand the guy because of the shame he's brought onto his club and international team.

    Terry's one of the most skilled footballers on the planet, but you'll have a hard time finding anyone outside Stamford Bridge who loves him.

Sidney Crosby

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    Unfortunately for Sid the Kid, with great talent comes great hate.

    Highly regarded as the greatest hockey player on the planet, Crosby isn't just despised by opposing fans because of his talents.

    No, it's his pouting and diving during games that makes most fans try to bring him down.

    Either way, he's still the best player around, so we're guessing you'd like him to suit up for your team.

Michael Vick

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    It's been a rough go-round for Vick since taking over as the starter in Philly a couple of years ago, seemingly finding himself caught in drama each week.

    As a matter of fact, recently, not even Philly fans have defended Vick from his struggles.

    Dude's still one hell of a talent—when he's not fumbling or getting injured—but for multiple reasons, America has their own opinion on the guy.

    Regardless, we bet you'd still be stoked if your team acquired him.

Derek Jeter

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    Jeter's such a polarizing figure, but most fans respect the hell out of him.

    Because he plays for the (usually) hated Yanks, we all get sick of hearing about him.

    While his teammate A-Rod seems to be the most hated ballplayer around, Jeter's been steady and clutch throughout his career so he gets the nod as the one guy most fans can't stand seeing in those damn pinstripes.

    Now if he happened to be captain of our team? Well, feelings would no doubt change.

Jay Cutler

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    We've got a hunch that a Bears fan wasn't behind the whole "Smokin' Jay Cutler" thing—though we could be wrong.

    His affinity for having a "jerk face" and not openly embracing the media might be one reason he's a little misunderstood, though some people just don't like the guy.

    Cutler might not be the most warm-hearted athlete, but as Bears fans can attest, you take the good with the bad. He's been pretty good for Chicago over his four years, compiling a 32-20 record.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    CR7's arguably the world's greatest footballer, but that doesn't necessarily make him the most liked.

    Notorious for shacking up with some attractive girls we all could only dream about—and rumored to cheat on them—his lack of humility and outrageous personality makes any fan dislike him.

    Well, until he's wearing your team's colors and scoring goals for them.

Dez Bryant

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    Bryant finds himself this high on our list because until this year, he had never lived up to the first-round hype that followed him out of OK State a couple years ago.

    Dez has done a bunch of dumb stuff off the field, which actually lead to a special requested curfew extension to celebrate his birthday this year.

    All fans argue and defend their hometown guys, and we feel like Bryant epitomizes that guy if he happens to be on your favorite team.

Joakim Noah

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    It seems all Noah does is win.

    In Florida he lead the Gators to back-to-back national titles.

    While playing for the Bulls, he rolls up his sleeves and does all the little things to help them win.

    But he's an agitator who often has no filter and gets under the skin of opposing players—not to mention fans.

    Thanks to his trademark hair, he's already an easy target for fans. When you add in the fact he feeds off of it, it makes him almost unbearable!

Brandon Marshall

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    Out of every (assumed) prima donna in the NFL, Marshall may be the biggest.

    He's been accused (but never convicted) of fights with women and random people off the field and found himself becoming a disease in multiple locker rooms with the Broncos and Dolphins.

    Being reunited with fellow hated athlete Jay Cutler has worked out well so far, but we'll see what happens if things go sour.

    Marshall's a beast though, so there's no denying you'd love him lining up on the outside for your favorite team.

Kobe Bryant

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    The same reason you hate him is the exact same reason you'd love to have him on your own team; he's unreal.

    Forget the fact that he's the youngest baller to reach 30,000 points. Or that he's collected five rings and has pushed his way into the discussion as the greatest shooting guard of all time.

    Kobe's an absolute beast who takes no prisoners and is a cold-blooded killer when it comes to winning and losing.

A. J. Pierzynski

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    No joke. Google "clubhouse cancer" and you'll find Pierzynski's name pop up in the first few results.


    Well besides the fact that he's way too into himself, it's because he just doesn't treat the opposition with much respect.

    If you need more, go ahead and read this little story where he allegedly kneed a Sox trainer in the nuts after being hit by a pitch there himself.

    He's tough as nails, but man does he sound like a prick.

Rajon Rondo

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    Mad respect to Rondo's game, but the fact that he's smug, instigates everything—and in some cases retaliates—and happens to have the game to back it all up makes us despise him.

    We loved him as a UK Wildcat (kind of), but now that he's on a team full of guys just like him, it's tough for us to warm up to him—unless he started for our favorite team.

Any Rival's Best Player

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    It's a bit of a cop-out, but let's face it, if you're not in Miami, you're not cheering for LeBron.

    If you're outside Baltimore, you couldn't give a damn about Ray Lewis.

    Peyton Manning seems cool with his funny commercials and all. But when it's 4th-and-8 and he converts it for a go-ahead touchdown, he's enemy No. 1.

    Though it wouldn't be a bad rap to have all those guys sign with your squad, now would it?